Volta Tennis Club (VTEC)

The University of Pavia is ideally placed for developing tennis as a result of the fact that it has one of the highest proportion of resident students through its Collegiate system. Collegio Volta wishes to play a role in developing University tennis at Pavia and the Volta Tennis Club is the instrument by which this role will be achieved. The College aims to build a tennis court as part of the development of the College grounds and, for the time being, Residenza Golgi, another EdISU College at Pavia within cycling distance from Volta, has agreed to share the the tennis court of Residenza Golgi with Volta students. The Volta Tennis Club will promote Tennis among College students by organising training, locating an indoor court that may enable practice during winter and promoting a College tournament as well an intercollegiate along the lines of the well established Football Tournament.

Secretaries of the Volta Tennis Club: 2013/14 (vacant), 2014/15 (Sakina Kanice, Economics yr 1)

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