Carmelo Sgarlata

I am a medical doctor and currently a postgraduate medical trainee in Clinical Medicine. my work is actually focused on diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the area of internal medicine and geriatrics with particular regard to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease. I’ve also a great interest in the use of  diagnostic ultrasound in internal medicine. I studied Medicine at Volta as an undergraduate graduating in July 2012 then I remained in residence afterward as a resident in Geriatrics.  I’ve been secretary of the Volta Medical Society throughout the academic year 2013/14.  I’m  author of about 60 scientific publications on national and international journals and speaker at various conferences of national importance.


Seminars (All Medical Courses)

01. EKG: basic interpretation and clinical correlations. Focus on acute coronary syndromes.  09 June /2016
02. Bedside ultrasound in internal medicine. Acid-base balance: a practical approach to blood gas analysis.  25 November /2016
03. A Practical approach to blood gas analysis: technical execution and interpretation of clinical cases. 16 December 2017
04. Physical examination of the chest.  20 January /2017
05. Approach to adult patients with acute dyspnea: are there any news? Lung sonography.  20 January 2017
06. EKG: basic interpretation.  09 June /2017




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