Volta Freshers' Society (VFRS)

The Volta Freshers' Society aims to help the new students of Collegio, especially year one undergraduates to find their way in College reaching out to students of higher years and becoming rapidly productive.  The College Master will ask the Fresher's Society to arrange and coordinate at least two meetings in October devoted to the preparation of the study plans due at the end of October and to the personal development plans.  The College Office will offer special help to College Freshers on all house matters from access to College facilities, College payments, etc and College will encourage and support social and sport events promoting the presence and the role of freshers in College clubs, sport teams and study groups..

Secretary of the Volta Freshers' Society:  2016/17 (vacant).  

Volta Society for International Students (VSIS)

The Volta Society for International Students (VSIS) aims to provide support to all foreign students who join College during their studies in Pavia. These include undergraduate students  (Erasmus students and students of other exchange schemes) and  graduate students who join the University of Pavia for MA and PhD courses or as post-doctoral fellows.  VSIS organises social events, as well as meetings and seminars, with the purpose of ensuring that the foreign students of Volta feel welcome in College and have every opportunity to contribute to College life in line with the College mission that Volta aims to be a truly international community of scholars.

Secretaries of the Volta Society for International Students:   2013/14 (Francesco Ruberto, PhD student in Economics, yr 1), 2014/15 (vacant)

Volta Society for Economics (VSEC)

The Volta Society for Economics (VSEC) involves a group of young scholars and undergraduate students in Economics living at Volta.  Members of the Society come from a variety of backgrounds and differ in their views of economics and society but are joined by a strong interest in encouraging open economic discourse within the College.  VSEC works closely with Giorgio Rampa, Director of Studies in Economics at Volta and, like all Volta Clubs & Societies, is open not only to students in Economics and related subjects but to any member of the College with an interest in issues concerning economics, development, equality, finances, markets, etc.  VSEC will promote periodically seminars and lectures open to College members, other members of the academic community in Pavia and the general public and the first such seminar series is expected the spring or autumn of 2014. In addition VSEC will promote informal discussions (journal club style) on topical subjects, often drawn by the contents of the weekly The Economist, available in the College library together with several other magazines.  Details of the activities of VSEC will be provided through the News & Events section of the College website. Further information is also available from a dedicated page on the College Facebook site.

Secretaries of the Volta Society for Economics:   2013/14 (Francesco Ruberto, PhD student in Economics, yr 1),  2014/15 (vacant)

Volta Science Society (VSCS)

Science is the major subject in the College named after physicist Alessandro Volta. However, science is also a subject that increasingly distant and remote from the interests of very many people in Italy as well as in other first world countries. The College as a whole has a strong interest in the public understanding of Science, an interest highlighted by the Volta lecture and by the topics of the Volta seminar programme. The work of the Volta Science Society follows and extends this approach and aims to promote discussions of scientific advances and important topics at the interface between science and society.  Discussions will be promoted through interviews, meetings, photographic exhibitions and any other tool available to College that may further the understanding of Science as the highest - or certainly one of the highest - cultural expressions of mankind and not just as a provider of technological advance. 

Interim secretaries of the Volta Science Society:  2013/14 (Beatrice Lena, Physics yr3);    2014/15 (Tom Sutherland, Post-doctoral fellow, Mathematics).

Volta Political Society (VPOS)

A number of Volta students have a strong interest in social and political issues and a recent example of such interest is the open debate on the on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict organised at the end of 2012 by two undergraduate students, Benedetta Broggi and Simone Veneroni. The Volta Political Society aims to promote and extend the discussion in College of social and political themes drawn from Italian, European and World events. It welcomes the involvement of College students of any background and belief and aims to promote open debate and constructive discussion on complex and controversial political topics. The major area of interest of the Volta Political Society for 2013/14 is an analysis of the Arab Spring. This will take place with a series of meetings with scholars of Arab culture, political activists who had an active role in the process, academics who have analysed the complex religious, social and economic background to the Arab Spring and members of Parliament. 

Secretaries of the Volta Political Society:    2013/14 (Benedetta Broggil, Medicine yr3),  2014/15 (Claudio Neidhöfer, Medicine yr 3)

Volta Music Society (VMUS)

The College needs to develops Music at Volta through a proper Music room, to be located in the new College wing, the purchase of additional musical instruments, College-based Concerts and meetings with distinguished Musicians and Composers. The Volta Music Society aims to encourage and coordinate all these activities in order to ensure that Music constitutes a strong component of the life of Volta students. The main activity of the Volta Music Society for 2013/2014 is a series of four events with local jazz musicians. The events will include both a meeting with the musicians as well as a concert in the main College lecture theatre.

Interim secretary (2013/14) of the Volta Musical Society: Dario Bonaretti.

Volta Medical Society (VMES)

The Medical Society aims to promote discussions in College on any medical topic of broad interest. These may include specific advances in medical sciences that are of sufficient interest to be discussed or broad medical issues that have strong implications for society and for understanding the social basis of health and disease. The Volta Medical Society aims to achieve these goals with interviews, meetings and exhibitions with physicians, scientist and social scientists who have made significant contributions to modern health. The main topic of activity of the Volta Medical Society for 2013/14 is a series of lectures and meetings on Ethics and Medicine. The development of modern Medicine has brought to centre stage a number of fundamental ethical issues and societies struggle to find a consensus view and a rational way forward on several major issues. The 2013/14 Volta lecture series will address key issues of Ethics and Medicine such as the recent debate on therapeutic cloning, the major and recent developments in the area of gene patenting and the huge question of access to medical care.

Secretary (2013/14) of the Volta Medical Society: C Sgarlata.

Volta Literary Society (VLIS)

The Volta Literary Society aims to promote an interest in literature among Volta students, the majority of which read science, engineering or medicine. The scope of the Literary Society is literary work - Italian and foreign - including the work of major writers from North and South South, Africa, the Arab world, India, China and Japan. Informal College activities will include group readings and dicussion groups on specific authors and topics as well as essay and poetry competitions. More formal activities will include meetings and debates with individual authors, especially authors who have published recent work and are willing to explain it and discuss it with College students.

Secretaries of the Volta Literary Society:  2013/14  (Eleonora Crisa', Electronic Engineering, yr 3); 2014/15 (vacant).

Volta Drama Society (VDRS)

The primary scope of the Volta Drama Society is to promote acting and original stage productions at Volta. Beyond the intrinsic cultural value of classic and modern drama work, acting is a very formative activity, because performance arts train students to portray their presence and words in public, an essential feature of University education. The Volta Drama Society will stage its first production in 2013/14 and aims to perform both in College as well as in the main University building. It also aims to arrange meetings at Volta with famous actors and writers of Drama work in order to motivate more students to develop an interest in Drama and performing Arts in general. 

Finally, the Society encourages College students to attend the programme of stage productions on show at Teatro Fraschini, the local Opera House. For this, the College purchases each year a number of tickets for Drama productions as well as Music Concerts at Teatro Fraschini. These tickets are available to all interested College students by application to the Volta Drama or Musical Societies. 

Secretaries of the Volta Drama Society:   2013/14 (Francesco Ruberto; PhD student in Economics, yr1);  2014/15 (vacant)

Volta Chinese Society (VCHS)

Over the last decade, the University of Pavia has actively pursued contacts and exchanges with several Chinese Universities and this has resulted in several schemes that bring each year Chinese undergraduate and graduate students to Pavia. The most advanced of such schemes is an MA Course in Construction Engineering and Architecture currently involving 15 students from the Tongji University of Shanghai who spend a full academic year at the University of Pavia, are registered with both Universities and secure a double award (a double degree) at the end of their Course. A number of these students live and work at Collegio Volta together with several visiting Chinese PhD students generally pursuing research in Science or Engineering. The Volta Chinese Society is a Society for Chinese studies, thus open to all members of the College regardless of origin. It aims to promote all aspects of Chinese culture at Volta, including the study of Chinese languages, culture, society, economics and foreign policy and will do so through meetings, discussions, films and documentaries. It will also engage in building further and direct links and students exchanges between the College and equivalent bodies at selected Chinese Universities.

Secretaries of the Volta Chinese Society:  2013/14 (vacant);  2014/15 (vacant).

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