Volta Arts Society (VARS)

Collegio Volta is located on the Science campus of the University of Pavia and currently has no students studying Art or History of Arts. The College therefore is seeking ways in which it may both attract such students and engage current students who read science, engineering and medicine in all areas of figurative Arts, including photography. The Volta Arts Society aims to promote meetings in College with painters, sculptors, photographers. It will also ctively encourage original work in these areas by College students through a variety of means, including Art classes and College competitions and will promote trips and visits to local galleries, such as the Accademia di Brera, as well as major other galleries or sites in Italy and abroad. 

Secretaries of the Volta Arts Society:  2013/14 (vacant),  2014/15 (vacant).

Volta African Society (VAFS)

The College has a large number of students from Africa. The majority of them currently comes from Cameroon but the College aims to extend access to students from a number of other African countries. The Volta African Society is a Society for African Studies and as such is open to all Volta students, regardless of their origin although the College expects that all students of African origin will play a major role in it. The economical and social events that have defined the history of post-colonial Africa highlight huge contrasts and struggles. In the last three decades the world has witnessed the relentless spread of AIDS (more than one and half million people are currently killed by AIDS each year in the African continent) and other African catastrophes on the scale of the Rwandan genocide (a million people killed), the Sudanese civil war (two million people killed) and the famine in Somalia (a quarter of a million people dead). Yet, it is clear that large parts of Africa have witnessed social and political progress (the end of apartheid in South Africa is a notable example) as well as a degree of economic development. The Volta African Society aims to bring African language, literature, music, history and politics to College for discussion in order to inform and engage a number of College students on Africa. It also aims to identify funding schemes that may promote further academic links and exchanges between the University of Pavia and Universities in several African countries both at student's and lecturer's level.

Secretaries of the Volta African Society: 2013/14 (vacant), 2014/15 (Henriette Nyembo Wa Katolo, Medicine yr 1). 

Volta Footgolf Club (VFGC)

Footgolf is a relatively new sport that has met a strong following among selected groups of young people, especially University students.  The official website describes footgolf as as a sport, ‘similar to golf in which the players try to introduce a football into a hole with the foot in the least number of strokes possible (from ). Marco Caricato, a College post-doctoral fellow in Chemistry is an early taker of footgolf and is determined to enthuse Volta students in this new sport.

Secretaries of the Volta Footgolf Club:  2013/14 and 2014/5 (Marco Caricato, post-doctoral fellow in Chemistry).

Volta Tennis Club (VTEC)

The University of Pavia is ideally placed for developing tennis as a result of the fact that it has one of the highest proportion of resident students through its Collegiate system. Collegio Volta wishes to play a role in developing University tennis at Pavia and the Volta Tennis Club is the instrument by which this role will be achieved. The College aims to build a tennis court as part of the development of the College grounds and, for the time being, Residenza Golgi, another EdISU College at Pavia within cycling distance from Volta, has agreed to share the the tennis court of Residenza Golgi with Volta students. The Volta Tennis Club will promote Tennis among College students by organising training, locating an indoor court that may enable practice during winter and promoting a College tournament as well an intercollegiate along the lines of the well established Football Tournament.

Secretaries of the Volta Tennis Club: 2013/14 (vacant), 2014/15 (Sakina Kanice, Economics yr 1)

Volta Rugby Club (VRUC)

Italian rugby has undergone a major transformation over the last 25 years moving from a sport played by a handful of men in a couple of Italian cities to a sport that now counts teams in all major Italian cities and can attract crowds equal or bigger than the ones who attend football events. University rugby has had a major role in the transformation of Italian rugby and the University of Pavia has one of the finest rugby union teams in the country. Further, the rugby practice grounds of the University are within walking distance from Collegio Volta. There is a very strong basis, therefore, for the development of rugby at Volta and the College aims to see a first group of students joining the University rugby truing and squad in 2013/14. The Volta Rugby Club aims to promote this process by broadcasting classic matches and the matches of the Six Nations Championship, arranging meetings and visits to the College by top Italian rugby players by encouraging Volta students attending major rugby games taking place in Italy. 

Secretaries of the Volta Rugby Club:  2013/14 (vacant), 2014/15 (Niccolo' Di Dio, Construction Science yr 2)

Volta Rowing Club (VROC)

Rowing is a beautiful sport with a strong association with University studies and life. Pavia is a city on a river (the river Ticino) and the University of Pavia has a strong rowing tradition, which includes an annual race with the University of Pisa taking place alternatively in Pisa on the river Arno or in Pavia on the river Ticino. Collegio Volta has a first class rower, Corrado Regalbuto, who is a College undergraduate student in Medicine and a member of the University Sport Club (CUS) and the national eight with coxswain (8+) and four without coxswain ($-) squads. The College expects that the presence in College of an athlete of the calibre of Corrado Regalbuto may encourage other students to take up rowing. The purpose of the Volta Rowing Club is to assist this process by promoting rowing events in College by organising meetings, seminars, movies and any other activity that may encourage rowing among Volta students. 

Secretary of the Volta Rowing Club: 2013/14 and 2014/15 (Corrado Regalbuto, Medicine yr 6 and yr 7)

Volta Garden Club (VGAC)

The construction of the new College wing on the North front (due to open in October 2014) has appreciably reduced the surface of the College grounds. The College, nevertheless, is left with ~ 7,500 sqm of College green and needs to develop this resource in the best possible way. The purpose of the Volta Garden Club is to promote ideas and discussion among College members about the best ways to develop the College grounds and encourage students to take a first hand interest in gardening (the College aims to make available an of the College grounds for student's gardening projects). The Club also promotes seminar and visits by experts in gardening and landscaping projects, an example of which has been a recent College lecture by Prof Francesco Sartori, the Director of the Botanical Garden of the University of Pavia and organises trips and visits of College students to a selection of beautiful Italian gardens open to the public. 

Secretaries of the Volta Garden Club: 2013/14 and 2014/15 (Antonio Lanza, Construction Engineering yr 3 / MSc in Construction Engineering yr1)


11th Oct  2013.

The College is pleased to report that the following students: Giorgio Badessi, Carmen Barricella, Benedetta Broggi, Roberta Collotta, Eleonora Crisa', Chiara Francioso, Antonio Lanza, Giuseppe Siciliano and Paolo Stefanizzi cleared the College grounds of all waste and rubbish. The grounds have never been as clean as they are now. The College hopes that they will stay so for a long time and wishes to thank and commend the above students for their commitment and hard work.

garden club oct2013b garden club oct13a

Football remains the most popular sport at Volta. The College has fielded a boys' team for a number of years in the inter-collegiate tournament and, more recently, a girls' team as well. After initial disappointments, the performance of the two Volta football teams has grown in stature and Volta is now a strong challenger in football events in Pavia. The aims of the Volta Football Club is twofold: the first is to preserve and strengthen the interest of current and future students in College football and the second one is to address and discuss critically modern football. The organisation and huge financial interests underpinning the contemporary world of the 'most beautiful game' have transformed a gentleman's sport in a global business open, in many countries including Italy, to regular abuses and widespread corruption. The Volta Football Club aims to debate these issues by inviting key figures from the world of professional football and encouraging an open debate about the role that football plays in youth culture and in society in general.


Girls Football 2018

Giuseppe Dipinto, SAM FC

Club Secretary & Team Captain
Valentina Carini, MEC 5

Giulia Burini, MEC 2
Miriam Capolongo, ECO 2
Valentina Carini, MEC 5
Rosaria De Nardo, FAR 5
Chiara Di Massimo, FIS 1
Martina Giudice, TNF 3
Giulia Imberti, MAS    3
Roberta Iudici, CTF    1
Natalia Khenkina, MAS 6
Catherine Kirk, FIS    1
Chiara Mogliazza, MAT 1
Federica Santarelli, NBL 2
Emma Vedovati, MAT 1

Non players


Boys Football 2018

Giuseppe Dipinto, SAM FC

Club Secretary & Team Captain
Giuseppe Dipinto, SAM FC

Luca Albertazzi, FAR 3
Giuseppe Baldini, EGI 2
Cristian Baratta, SGE 2
Francesco Di Sabatino, CHI 2
Giuseppe Dipinto, SAM FC
Antonino Incardona, MEC 5
Carmine Isi, IEA 2
Alen Kushova, MAT 1
Nicola Mondini, MAT 1
Omar Najlani, IEL 1
Luca Perlini, IIN 3
Luigi Sallustio, MEC 1
Adriano P Stella, MEC 5
Matteo Turchetti, BIA FC
Cosimo Vernile, STA 1

Non players

Volta Cine Club (VCIC)

The College has an active Cine Club that has offered a variety of titles over the last two academic years. Topics such as people’s rights, education, justice and freedom have featured strongly in the work presented by the Cine Club both in the 2011/12 and 2012/13 academic years and the last series of films was offered jointly with members of the local (Pavia) branch of Amnesty International. The Volta Cine Club was constituted formally as a Club in 2013/14 and featured a series of award-winning documentaries on Planet Earth and the Natural World in October/November 2013. In 2014/15 a first series on Reality and Illusion in October/November 2014 was followed by a second series on Addiction in November/December 2014. 

Secretaries of the Volta Cine Club:   2013/14 (Hugo de Jonge, Post-doctoral Fellow in Molecular Biology), 2014/15 (Giorgio Badessi, Medicine, yr 4)

Students Committees 2012/13

General elections have been held in the week starting on 15th October 2012 resulting in the following students being elected to the VSU executive, the Library Committee and the Sports Committee. The Committees have taken up their role in College on 19 October 2012. The major students' body is the executive of the Volta Students' Union (four member strong, in line with general EDiSU rules on students' representation). Several informal working committees (House, Library and Sport) have also been instituted in order to widen students' participation to College life.


Volta Students' Union Executive

Name: Marco Russo
Course: Physics, Year 2

Name: Giorgio Badessi
Course: Medicine, Year 2

Name: Andrea Grieco
Course:Law, Year 3

Nem: Dario Bonaretti
Course: Economics, Year 1 (MSc)


Addtional Committees

Library Committee:
Luana Biondo, Chiara Francioso, Simone Manieri, Jacopo Milesi

Sports Committee:
Marco Bonanno, Michele Vece







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