Although College is strongly committed to its programme of courses, seminars and lectures, internal supervisions constitute the most distinctive feature of the life and work of Volta. Supervisions or tutorials are informal, often problem-oriented teaching activities led by PhD students, students of MSc Courses or higher year undergraduates. They are currently aimed primarily at 1st and 2nd year undergraduates of science, engineering and medical degrees. Their immediate aim is to ensure that Volta undergraduates successfully clear the relevant examinations. Their most fundamental aim is to provide undergraduates with an in-depth and critcal approach to their learning.  College encourages students from outside Volta to join its supervisions and publishes online synopsis of this work.

Volta Role Playing Club (VRPC)

College students Giovanni Bisbano and Chiara Pizzoni started a Volta Role-Playing Club (VRPC) in 2017/18. Born to give the chance to discover Role-Playing Games (particularly Dungeons & Dragons), the Club has an official logo offers great opportunities for fun and personal development. The Club run two multi-table adventure events: Ghosts from the past and Every ten years that involved 28 participants each and a debate about Role-Playing Games. The Club secretaries have set a Volta Role-Playing Club Facebook group for announcements, photos and discussions.

The following Volta students were interested in the activites of the VRPC in 2017/18.

Badessi Giorgio
Bisbano Giovanni
Cervellera Francesco
Di Sabatino Francesco
Gerosa Sebastiano
Khenkina Natalie
Lattanzio Ruggiero
Mangiaterra Veronica
Wa Katolo Henriette
Papandrea Davide
Pizzoni Chiara
Plavi Federica
Princisgh Elisa
Ria Alessandra
Riva Diego
Rovertoni Sara
Silvestri Marco
Termini Giuseppe
Turchetti Matteo


Girls Volleyball


Boys Volleyball


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