German Language

 The first German classes of Volta were run thanks to the commitment of Claudio Neidhöfer, a senior medical undergraduate  and a long term member of College .

The organisation of a formal German Course at the level required by the majority of German University for Erasmus placecements (DSH level 1) follows the interest of a number of Courses in the initial classes and a deliberate College policy aimed at strenghtening the links between the Volta community and German acaemic Institutions. Volta students studying at German University find a solid infrastructure, strong teaching facilities and well defined sets of rules governing the rights and responsibilities of students and staff.  German Universities therefore provide one of the most effective learning environment across Europe and the students of Collegio Volta should not be denied access as a result of the insufficient knowledge of the German language.

Details of the current structure and arrangements of the German Course can be found at this other web page.

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