12th June 2017.  
Tori Helmer, Cambridge Assessment, University of Cambridge               

Several years ago the Italian Ministry entrusted Cambridge Assessment, a Department of the University of Cambridge, with the responsibility of developing a test for admission of prospecive medical students to Italian medical schools offering a course taught in English. The result of this work was the International Medical Admission Test (IMAT), which has been used for several years now asd the sole criterium for admission of prospective medical students to the relevant courses.  In her talk Tori Helmer will review the key features of IMAT and will compare them with those of another admission test - the so called biomedical admission test (BMAT) used in the United Kingdom and in many other countries around the world. The talk will demonstrate that BMAT offers a superior evaluation of candidates and that the test is predictive of future success of the students throughout their future undergraduate course. Thus a transition from IMAT to BMAT would serve prospective and Italian Universities better than the current, IMAT-based, system.

All College students are warmly encouraged to participate. The text of the seminar can be downloaded here





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