Volta African Society (VAFS)

The College has a large number of students from Africa. The majority of them currently comes from Cameroon but the College aims to extend access to students from a number of other African countries. The Volta African Society is a Society for African Studies and as such is open to all Volta students, regardless of their origin although the College expects that all students of African origin will play a major role in it. The economical and social events that have defined the history of post-colonial Africa highlight huge contrasts and struggles. In the last three decades the world has witnessed the relentless spread of AIDS (more than one and half million people are currently killed by AIDS each year in the African continent) and other African catastrophes on the scale of the Rwandan genocide (a million people killed), the Sudanese civil war (two million people killed) and the famine in Somalia (a quarter of a million people dead). Yet, it is clear that large parts of Africa have witnessed social and political progress (the end of apartheid in South Africa is a notable example) as well as a degree of economic development. The Volta African Society aims to bring African language, literature, music, history and politics to College for discussion in order to inform and engage a number of College students on Africa. It also aims to identify funding schemes that may promote further academic links and exchanges between the University of Pavia and Universities in several African countries both at student's and lecturer's level.

Secretaries of the Volta African Society: 2013/14 (vacant), 2014/15 (Henriette Nyembo Wa Katolo, Medicine yr 1). 

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