Volta Debating Society (VDBS)

The Volta Debating Society (VDBS) is a new Society created in October 2020, partly in response to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency that poses severe restrictions to the life and activities of College members (social events, contact sports, etc).  College has always encouraged active debate among its members but the formal establishment of a Volta Debating Society with specific rules of engagement, calendar of events, etc will foster and extend the culture of debate in College.  Although no 'distant debate' can ever match a debate in person, the College believes that the availabiliy of peer-to-peer software enables students to hold meaningul debates even remotely, waiting for the return of better times. Finally, in a further development the Volta Debating Society wishes to promote debates between the different Colleges of the University of Pavia, extending discussion among the whole community of students living and working in the Colleges of the University of Pavia.

VDBS Secretary (2020/21)

A Armanetti (Physics, yr 3).

VDBS Members (2020/21)
Federico Bertelli, Physics yr 3
Giulia Bonasegale, Chemistry yr 3
Raffaele Castellucci, Medicine yr 3
Andrea Cerbone, Maths yr 3R
Mircea Codrea, Physics yr 1 (MSc)
Davide Gianatti, Physics yr 3
Giacomo Maggiorano, Maths yr 3
Chiara Mogliazza, Obstetrics yr 1
Alessandra Ria, Mol Diol Genetics yr 2R (MSc)

Image: A debate at the Cambridge Union Society, the oldest, formal students debating society in the world (founded 1815).

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