Volta Football Club (VFOC)

Football remains the most popular sport at Volta. The College has fielded a boys' team for a number of years in the inter-collegiate tournament and, more recently, a girls' team as well. After initial disappointments, the performance of the two Volta football teams has grown in stature and Volta is now a strong challenger in football events in Pavia. The aims of the Volta Football Club is twofold: the first is to preserve and strengthen the interest of current and future students in College football and the second one is to address and discuss critically modern football. The organisation and huge financial interests underpinning the contemporary world of the 'most beautiful game' have transformed a gentleman's sport in a global business open, in many countries including Italy, to regular abuses and widespread corruption. The Volta Football Club aims to debate these issues by inviting key figures from the world of professional football and encouraging an open debate about the role that football plays in youth culture and in society in general. 

Secretaries of the Volta Football Club:  2013/14 (vacant), 2014/15 (Giorgio Badessi, Medicine yr 4). 

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