Volta Garden Club (VGAC)

The construction of the new College wing on the North front (due to open in October 2014) has appreciably reduced the surface of the College grounds. The College, nevertheless, is left with ~ 7,500 sqm of College green and needs to develop this resource in the best possible way. The purpose of the Volta Garden Club is to promote ideas and discussion among College members about the best ways to develop the College grounds and encourage students to take a first hand interest in gardening (the College aims to make available an of the College grounds for student's gardening projects). The Club also promotes seminar and visits by experts in gardening and landscaping projects, an example of which has been a recent College lecture by Prof Francesco Sartori, the Director of the Botanical Garden of the University of Pavia and organises trips and visits of College students to a selection of beautiful Italian gardens open to the public. 

Secretaries of the Volta Garden Club: 2013/14 and 2014/15 (Antonio Lanza, Construction Engineering yr 3 / MSc in Construction Engineering yr1)


11th Oct  2013.

The College is pleased to report that the following students: Giorgio Badessi, Carmen Barricella, Benedetta Broggi, Roberta Collotta, Eleonora Crisa', Chiara Francioso, Antonio Lanza, Giuseppe Siciliano and Paolo Stefanizzi cleared the College grounds of all waste and rubbish. The grounds have never been as clean as they are now. The College hopes that they will stay so for a long time and wishes to thank and commend the above students for their commitment and hard work.

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