Volta Medical Society (VMES)

The Medical Society aims to promote discussions in College on any medical topic of broad interest. These may include specific advances in medical sciences that are of sufficient interest to be discussed or broad medical issues that have strong implications for society and for understanding the social basis of health and disease. The Volta Medical Society aims to achieve these goals with interviews, meetings and exhibitions with physicians, scientist and social scientists who have made significant contributions to modern health. The main topic of activity of the Volta Medical Society for 2013/14 is a series of lectures and meetings on Ethics and Medicine. The development of modern Medicine has brought to centre stage a number of fundamental ethical issues and societies struggle to find a consensus view and a rational way forward on several major issues. The 2013/14 Volta lecture series will address key issues of Ethics and Medicine such as the recent debate on therapeutic cloning, the major and recent developments in the area of gene patenting and the huge question of access to medical care.

Secretary (2013/14) of the Volta Medical Society: C Sgarlata.

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