Volta Political Society (VPOS)

A number of Volta students have a strong interest in social and political issues and a recent example of such interest is the open debate on the on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict organised at the end of 2012 by two undergraduate students, Benedetta Broggi and Simone Veneroni. The Volta Political Society aims to promote and extend the discussion in College of social and political themes drawn from Italian, European and World events. It welcomes the involvement of College students of any background and belief and aims to promote open debate and constructive discussion on complex and controversial political topics. The major area of interest of the Volta Political Society for 2013/14 is an analysis of the Arab Spring. This will take place with a series of meetings with scholars of Arab culture, political activists who had an active role in the process, academics who have analysed the complex religious, social and economic background to the Arab Spring and members of Parliament. 

Secretaries of the Volta Political Society:    2013/14 (Benedetta Broggil, Medicine yr3),  2014/15 (Claudio Neidhöfer, Medicine yr 3)

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