Volta Science Society (VSCS)

Science is the major subject in the College named after physicist Alessandro Volta. However, science is also a subject that increasingly distant and remote from the interests of very many people in Italy as well as in other first world countries. The College as a whole has a strong interest in the public understanding of Science, an interest highlighted by the Volta lecture and by the topics of the Volta seminar programme. The work of the Volta Science Society follows and extends this approach and aims to promote discussions of scientific advances and important topics at the interface between science and society.  Discussions will be promoted through interviews, meetings, photographic exhibitions and any other tool available to College that may further the understanding of Science as the highest - or certainly one of the highest - cultural expressions of mankind and not just as a provider of technological advance. 

Interim secretaries of the Volta Science Society:  2013/14 (Beatrice Lena, Physics yr3);    2014/15 (Tom Sutherland, Post-doctoral fellow, Mathematics).

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