Volta Society for Economics (VSEC)

The Volta Society for Economics (VSEC) involves a group of young scholars and undergraduate students in Economics living at Volta.  Members of the Society come from a variety of backgrounds and differ in their views of economics and society but are joined by a strong interest in encouraging open economic discourse within the College.  VSEC works closely with Giorgio Rampa, Director of Studies in Economics at Volta and, like all Volta Clubs & Societies, is open not only to students in Economics and related subjects but to any member of the College with an interest in issues concerning economics, development, equality, finances, markets, etc.  VSEC will promote periodically seminars and lectures open to College members, other members of the academic community in Pavia and the general public and the first such seminar series is expected the spring or autumn of 2014. In addition VSEC will promote informal discussions (journal club style) on topical subjects, often drawn by the contents of the weekly The Economist, available in the College library together with several other magazines.  Details of the activities of VSEC will be provided through the News & Events section of the College website. Further information is also available from a dedicated page on the College Facebook site.

Secretaries of the Volta Society for Economics:   2013/14 (Francesco Ruberto, PhD student in Economics, yr 1),  2014/15 (vacant)

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