29 October 2016

A first draft of College teaching - largely supervisions - for the academic year 2016/17 is available and can be downloaded here and the list is shown below. Further information about individual individual supervisors and supervisions including synopsis/handouts of each teaching session, can be found in the College web pages on undergraduate teaching. College undergraduates are reminded that the Volta supervision programme is exists in order to promote the success of their University studies and subsequent employment and that attendance is compulsory.

Semester 1

Analisi Matematica I (S Spinelli)
Alegebra lineare/Geometria e Algebra (L Teodori)
Chimica Generale e Inorganica (R Paroli)
Chimica Organica 2 (L Fruga)
Biochimica (Scienze) (R Cacciatore
Living Molecules (C Casale)
Fisiologia Umana (V Carini)

Semester 2

Fondamenti di Informatica (P Burda)
Fisica (A Barone)
Chimica Analitica (G Libertella)
Chimica Organica (M Invernici)
Genetica (MC Renna)
Biochmica (Medicina) (J Tintori)
Fisiologia Umana (I Grassi)

Semester 1 and 2

Clinical Seminars (C Sgarlata)


29 October 2016

The College has produced a first draft of a template for encouraging Volta students to produce Personal Development Plans.  The template can be visualised here in .pdf format and can be obtained directly from the College Director in .numbers, .xlsx, .xls, .doc and .pages formats.  An example file from one of the UK Universities that require students to complete PDPs can be downloaded here.

I would like to develop the Volta template further together with students. I am asking therefore that all College students interested in taking this valuable step forward contact the College Director by email in order to work closely together at this project.




29 October 2016

A number of College students have reported problems in submitting their study plans by the 31st of October, as agreed during the General College Assembly of October 3rd. The College accepts the difficulty and requests students to submit by the end of November (half way in the semester for all facts and purposes).  

Students do not need to wait for formal submission of the study plans, however, for setting in place a strong first semester exam session in which they clear all or the vast majority of the semester 1 examinations (almost invariably students who fail to secure the grades for confirmation of College placements do so as a result of their poor results in the examinations at the end of semester 1).

The College requests therefore that you submit a brief statement to College listing the exams that you are planning to sit at the end of semester 1 (January/February 2017) in order to anticipate and address upfrotnt potentail problems with exam performance and credit numbers. Please provide your statement in this form (in Italian) or in this one (in English) and return it the form to the College Director before the 6th of November 2016. Students who have already submitted their study plan need to take no further action.







29 October 2016

In a meeting at EDiSU yesterday (October 28th), the starting dates and schedule of the Volta English Courses have been finalised.  The Courses at Volta will involve three classes (B1, B2 and C1) twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, the first of which will take off at 5.30 pm, and starting on Tuesday the 15th of November.

Further details will be sent to the students involved by email.

Studying English has become a regular feature of the life and work of many students of Volta. The College firmly believes that it is essential for any of its students to acquire a full mastership of the English language in order to enhance academic results during the degree Course and be better placed for the job market after the degree.

The declared ambition of the College is to take every student whose level of English is below a C1 to achieve this level at the end of the degree, a result that may take up to three years for students who enter College with A1/A2 English.  Students are initially tested for their English through a rigorous online examination and placed in an appropriate class depending upon the results of their entrance test.  English teaching at Volta takes place late in the afternoon or in the  evening with the first classes starting at 5.30 pm.

The College has been fairly successfull in negotiating reasonable Course fees with local private Language Schools that have provided the teachers for the College classes and, starting from from 2015/16, EDiSU has contributed to the cost of the English Courss partial funding the Courses. The cost for the Courses in 2015/16 has been € 200 per year and teh College hopes that the figure may be even lower in 2016/17.   The poster of the English Courses can be downloaded here






18 October 2016

There have been a number of media reports and debates recently about local events triggered by so-called goliardia, a traditional form of association of University students found at many Italian Universities.

The Directors of the 12 Colleges governed by EDiSU, which include Volta, have recently discussed this issue as a result of a number of incidents that unveiled goliardia as a grand name for College bullying and prevarication toward freshers. The Directors have also written a letter - in Italian - addressed to all students of EDiSU Colleges that can be downloaded here.

Alll members of Volta are asked to download this letter and read it most carefully.






16 October 2016

The College and the Volta Students' Union are happy to invite all College members at a Freshers' Party that will take place tomorrow evening, Monday the 17th of October, from 8.00 pm to 12.00 in the ground floor corridor of the South wing (the central area of the College, adjacent the Great Court).

The informal party is a way for existing College members to get to know the 66 new members who have joined Volta in the last few weeks.  Snacks and drinks will be available and music will be available as well.   All College members are warmly invited to attend.







13 October 2016

In a strong display of partecipation and democracy, 94 members of Collegio A Volta have elected the new VSU Executive Committee for 2016/17.

The students elected include 4 undergraduates:  Delaram Farzin (Farmacia, yr 4), Paola Pugliese (Medicina Golgi, yr 3), Antonino Incardona (Medicina Golgi, yr 3) and Magnus von Wangenheim (Medicina Harvey, yr 3) and 4 postgraduates: Giuseppe Dipinto (MSc in Scienze Motorie, yr 1), Matteo Turchetti (Biotecnologie Avanzate, yr 1), Silvia Tinelli (PhD student in Ingegneria Civile e Ambentale, yr 3) and Andrea Barone (MSc in Scienze Fisiche, yr 1). In semester 2 Andrea Barone will be replaced by Milena Perrone (prospective trainee in Biochmica e Patologia Clinica). D Farzin will act as President of the Executive.  Primary areas of interest of Committee members are: social events (D Farzin), house (P Pugliese), sports (A Incardona) and library/computer/information technology (M von Wangenheim).

The College wishes the new VSU executive a productive and successful year and wishes to thank undergraduate students Giovanna Quadrone and Alessandra Ria and postgrudate members of the College Elmira Khatabakhsh and Carmelo Sgarlata for having stood election and for their readiness to serve in the Committee. Finally, the College wishes to thank all students who actively participated in the debate with candidates and in the election itself. 





12 October 2016

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Another election day has arrived at Volta.  The candidates have spoken, The ballot boxes are open, the College would like to thank the staff in the College Office for their support in organising the elections and looks forward to welcoming the new VSU Executive at the end of the day.


Saturday 8th October 2016

General elections for the new VSU Executive Committee will take place on Wednesday the 12th of October from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. The ballot boxes will be found at the porter's desk and the porter on duty will provide ballot paper and pen. 

On Tuesday the 11th of October at 6.00 pm the candidates will meet College students in the lecture theatre.in order to introduce themselves and their ideas for the College.  Four undergraduate students and four postgraduate ones twill be elected to the Committee. Each student can vote for one member of the appropriate list: undegrduates elect undergrduate members to the Committee,  postgraduates elect postrgraduate ones.  The two groups candidates are listed below. The poster of the elections can be downloaded here.


Undergraduates (listed alphabetically)
Delaram Farzin, Farmacia, yr 4
Antonino Incardona, Medicina Golgi, yr 3
Paola Pugliese, Medicina Golgi, yr 3
Giovanna Quadrone, Ingegneria Informatica e Industriale, yr 3
Alessandra Ria, Biologia yr 1
Magnus von Wangenheim, Medicina Harvey, yr 3


Postgraduates (listed alphabetically)
Andrea Barone, Scienze Fisiche, yr 1
Giuseppe Dipinto, Scienze Motorie, yr 1
Elmira Khatabakhsh, Electronic Engineering, yr 1
Milena Perrone, Specializzanda in Biochmica e Patologia Clinica (in attesa di concorso)
Carmelo Sgarlata, Specializzando in Geriatria, yr 4
Silvia Tinelli, Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria Civile e Ambentale, yr 3
Matteo Turchetti, Biotecnologie Avanzate, yr 1






09 October 2016

The fifth and final event in the series of meetings between College undergraduate and Course coordinators will take place on Monday the 17th of October and concerns the medical Courses taught at Pavia.

The event will encompass a meeting at 5.30 pm with M Galliano, coordinator of the Medical Course taught in Engish (so-called Harvey Course) followed by a meeting at 6.30 pm with M Valli, coordinator of the Medical Course taught in Italian (so-called Golgi Course).  Due to the large number of College undergraduates reading Medicine (both Golgi and Harvey) these two meerings will take place in the College lecture theatre and not in the College board room.

Attendance of these meetings, as for the other meetings of this series, is compulsory for year 1 students and highly recommended for higher year students (year 2 to 6) as the meetings will offer the opportunity to address all issues concerning lectures, practicals and tutorials directly with the Course coordinators.

The poster of the meeting can be downloaded here






08 October 2016

The College has received applications from 15 students (12 undergraduates and 3 graduates) willing to contribute to the library service and has considered applications from candidates who have lived and worked in College for at least one year. New members of College who have expressed an interest in contributing to the library service are kindly invited to reapply next year.

The four students appointed to provide library support throughout the academic year 2016/17 (3 undergraduates and 1 graduate) are M Perrone, V Rinaldi, H Alhellani and S Pietrobon.

M Perrone and V Rinaldi will provide service from 10 October 2016 until 24 February 2017.  H Alhellani and S Pietrobon will provide service from 27 February 2017 until 27 July 2017.

Service is from Monday to Friday every week except official holidays and is from 6.00 to 7.00 pm in the small office next to the College board room located on ground floor close to the entrance hall. New students who need help, can ask the porter on duty for directions.  Suggestions or complaints concerning the library service should be addressed directly to the College Director.







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