23 April 2016

Volta students are increasingly living up to the College motto ‘work hard, play hard’.  For the second year running and the third time out of a total of nine events, College students have won the now-famous Treasure Hunt, an intercollegiate event that does much to promote social interactions among members of different collegiate communities and student’s population in general. The 2015/16 of the ‘Hunt’ has taken place on Thursday the 21st of April 2016 and saw the team of Collegio Volta beating Collegio Giasone del Maino and Collegio Cairoli to second and third place respectively.

The fiercely-looking team of Volta students shown in the picture, included: Vittoria Medici, Diego Riva, Omar Ramos, Melania Bertolini, Ivan Shypovych, Cosimo Vernile, Jacopo Tintori, Antonio Pisani, Federica Francioso, Angelo Rendiniello, Chiara Pizzoni and Simone Soriano. As outlined above the intercollegiate Treasure event has become highly popular among College students, students in general and town folks and the picture attached offers further testimony of the success of the event.  The College is delighted about its hunters and awaits confidently for their exam results.




21 April 2016

Medical undergraduate Benedetta Broggi, a College top student who recently returned to Volta after a year of study in Germany, is not only academically very gifted but also a superb athlete. Benedetta spurred into life the College ‘Cross Country Club’ a couple of years ago and led by example encouraging fellow students to take up cross you country running and displaying tremendous commitment to her training. Benedetta’s latest demonstration of the level that she has achieved was the first Rotary Club Oltrepo’ Half Marathon held on 10th April 2016 in which she  came first in the women’s race. The College wishes to congratulate Benedetta for her sporting achievements and for having pioneered cross country at Volta. The Colelge is also aware that are members of the Cross Country Club, such are Chiara Pizzoni and Luca Teodori, are achievieng strong results and is awaiting for more success stories.




17 April 2016

The Division of the University in charge of Technology Transfer and Public Engagement (Terza Missione) has secured funding for 41 summer internships for 2016.  Interns will receive a basic salary and will work in high-tech companies active in computer, physical and biotech sciences in the Boston areas.  Undegraduate, MSc and PhD students are all eligible for applications.  College students interested in the scheme should contact directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the University Technology Transfer office in order to obtain further details and should do so without delay because the time available in order to finalise the scheme is very limited unfortunately.  Students in Engineering, Physical, Biological and Pharmaceutica Sciences are especially encouraged to consider this opportunity. 




04 April 2016

Francesco Svelto, Deputy Chancellor for Technology Transfer at the University of Pavia and his colleagues Lucia Marazzi, Sofia Baggini and others have organised a series of meetings in which new high tech business meet College communities and illustrate the path to a successful high-tech copmpany.  The next event of this series will take place at Volta in the College lecture theatre on the 5th of April 2016 at 7.00 pm. followed by refreshments.  The poster of the event can be downloaded here.

This is an important series aimed at bridging the gap between academia and business and particulary significant and time in a country that displays a very high youth unemployment (approaching 40%) and extends to a large number of graduates both from the Humanities and the Sciences.

All College students are warmly invited to attend and participate in the event.




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