15 June 2017

Following several meetings with EDiSU, College has been advised that a number of doors in the North wing be secured with cable straps. The request stems from the need to keep the North wing, and hence College, secure and follows recurrent findings of doors being left open by students or visitors. 

Students living and working in the North wing may wish to note the following two points:   (i) the action taken in no way compromises Health & Safety measures because, in emergency, the doors can be pushed open without problem or delay,  (ii) students breaking the straps without justification will be disciplined as the College needs to enforce rules that have been introduced solely as a result of the failure of the North wing community to comply with security requirements. 

Students requiring furthe clarification are welcome to contact the College Office.










04 June 2017

Unipv Innovation is returning to College on June 6th at 7.00 pm in the College lecture theatre.  Unipv Innovation is a group inspired by F Svelto, Deputy Chancellor for Technology Transfer at the University of Pavia and founded by the University in order to promote business cration and technology transfer within the University of Pavia and more in general a business culture among students and staff of the University and the city of Pavia.  The first event run by Unipv Innovation and hosted by College was very lively and successful and this second event is expected to attract similar interest. All College students are warmly invited to attend.










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