22 September 2018

The General, Annual Assembly of Collegio Volta will take place on Monday 1st October at 6.00 pm in the Volta lecture theatre. The assembly marks the beginning of the academic year at Volta and presents the essential aspects of the life and work of the College. Topics include: (i) students’ role and representation,  (ii) the academic results of the previous year,  (iii) the work plan for the year ahead (iv) College courses, tutorials, lectures and seminars and,  (v)  the activities of students’ clubs and societies. The poster of the overall programme of the 2018/19 College Assembly can be downloaded here. Freshers are reminded that participation to the following events is compulsory. Details of the other events of Freshers' Week will be given during the Assembly.

All College students are invited to participate, attendance is mandatory for new College students (freshers). Guest speaker: M Aramini, Director General of EDiSU.

2 Oct 2018: During the College Assembly M Aramini (Director General of EDiSU) confirmed that new cctv will be installed shortly and that external lights will be provided in the South wing of the College.  College had requested these actions for a long time (over two years) and their implementation constitute a major step forward in College security.  M Aramini also expressed interest in College plans for a sports centre.  A picture of the 2018/19 General Annual College Assembly is provided here.


22 September 2018

A bike cull is coming to Volta as the College expects that an additional forty bikes will arrive in College in the next couple of weeks.

'Culling stickers' will be placed in the next couple of days on broken bikes and on bikes looking abandoned/unused.  Owners of such bikes who wish to retain them should tag them before the 5th of October with a second stidker on which they should wite Please do not discard. After the 5th of October, unclaimed broken bikes, free chains, wheels,and any other item found in the bike racks other than intact bikes will be disposed.


08 September 2018

EDiSU, the governing body of Collegio Volta, is introducing a new system for rewarding members of the College and external students who will contribute to the teaching of courses and supervisions in the coming academic year or who may offer other forms of support, such library services, to the College community.

The new procedure will enable EDiSU to seek financial support for College teaching directly from the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) and will involve several changes at the College end, namely:  (i) interested will need to submit a formal application on a dedicated form that will be posted on the College before the end of September,  (ii) an official ranking list of all applicants will be published by College and EDiSU and,  (iii) EDiSU will be able, under the new procedure, to make a 'payment in money' to all students involved thus avoiding the problem emerged last year with 'payments in voucher'.

Members of Volta interested in contributing to College teaching or library support should check regularly the News section of the College web pages for additional information. The application form will be available as a downloadfrom the College website  together with instructions for completion and submission. The College hopes to maintain the teaching timetable of 2017/18 nothwithstanding the changes required by the new EDiSU procedure.


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