College Teaching 2018/19

08 September 2018

EDiSU, the governing body of Collegio Volta, is introducing a new system for rewarding members of the College and external students who will contribute to the teaching of courses and supervisions in the coming academic year or who may offer other forms of support, such library services, to the College community.

The new procedure will enable EDiSU to seek financial support for College teaching directly from the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) and will involve several changes at the College end, namely:  (i) interested will need to submit a formal application on a dedicated form that will be posted on the College before the end of September,  (ii) an official ranking list of all applicants will be published by College and EDiSU and,  (iii) EDiSU will be able, under the new procedure, to make a 'payment in money' to all students involved thus avoiding the problem emerged last year with 'payments in voucher'.

Members of Volta interested in contributing to College teaching or library support should check regularly the News section of the College web pages for additional information. The application form will be available as a downloadfrom the College website  together with instructions for completion and submission. The College hopes to maintain the teaching timetable of 2017/18 nothwithstanding the changes required by the new EDiSU procedure.


Admissions 2018/19

28 August 2018

The College and the admission office of EDiSU will work closely together in the first week of September in order admit the new students moving into residence for the academic year 2018/19. Starting from this College will present a full account of admission statistics at the General Assembly of 1 October 2018.


Examinations 2017/18

28 August 2018

The College has completed in July/August the annual analysis and reporting of students academic progress. A brief outlineof the results is available in the web page Academic Life Examinations 2017/18. A full account of the College academic performance in 2017/18 will be presented in the Annual College Assembly on 1 October 2018.


Inhibiting Protein Aggregation

21 July 2018

On Wednesday the 25th of July 2018 Daniel Segal of the School of Molecular Cell Biology & Biotechnology at Tel-Aviv University will give a seminar entitled Inhibiting aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins as a strategy for treating neurodegeneration at 12.00 noon in the College Lecture theatre.

There is now considerable evidence that protein misfolding and aggregation play a fundamental role in several neurodegenerative diseases and the search for compounds that may effectively inhibit this process may have considerable potential for treatment.  D Segal will report a series of landmark studies in which he and his colleagues have been able to identify small molecules that disrupt the formation of toxic protein aggregates, at least in the test tube.

All College students are warmly invited to attend this seminar lecture, espcially students reading Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here.

Proteins at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces

03 June 2018

On Tuesday the 5th of June 2018 Marek Cieplak of the Institute of Physics of the Polish Institute of Sciences will give a seminar on Proteins at fluid-fluid interfaces at 11.00 am in the College Lecture theatre.

The behaviour of proteins is greatly affected by their environment, namely their presence in solution or at water-air, water-oil or water-water interfacese.  The physiological activity of certain proteins, for  example lung surfactant proteins, depends indeed on their ability to partition specific domains in the water environment and other ones in the air envirnoment thus regulating the surface tension of the alveoli or their role as a barrier to pathogens.  The study of proteins at fluid-fluid interfaces, however, impacts on pathology as well as it may impact on their propensity to oligomerise and form protein aggregates as found in certain neurodegenerative diseasese (Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc).  M Cieplak will discuss the conformational changes that proteins may encounter at fluid-fluid interfaces and how this may promote the formation of high order protein aggregates.

All College students are warmly invited to attend this seminar lecture, espcially students reading Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here.

Antibacterial Resistance

22 May 2018

On the 23rd of May Esther Kuenzli, of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and the University of Basel, will give a seminar on International spreading of antibacterial resistance at 3.00 pm in the College lecture theatre.

International travel has become on important mechanism for the spreading of antibacterial resistance and notably the spreading of Enterobacteriaceae able to produce extend spectrum be lactamases, enzymes able to inactivate one of the major classes of antibiotics currently available.  E Keuenzli will discuss the impact of international travel on the spread of antibacterial resistance and measures to counteract this major medical problem.

All College students are warmly invited to attend this seminar lecture, espcially students reading Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here.

Multiresistant Tuberculosis

21 May 2018

On the 22nd of May Daniela Cirililo, of the Scientific Institute S Raffaele in Milan, will give a seminar on Multiresistant Tuberculosis at 3.00 pm in the College lecture theatre.

Tuberculosis, a complex infectious disease caused by the bacterium M tuberculosis, is one of the diseases that have shaped the course of human history and that remains inadequately controlled.  Although a vaccine has been available for nearly a century, its efficacy is limited limited and a number of M tuberculosis strains resistant to the antibiotics currently available have emerged over time. D Cirillo will discuss mechainsms of resistance and the impact of the emergence of multiresistant strains for the control of tuberculosis.

All College students are warmly invited to attend this seminar lecture, espcially students reading Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here.

Ageing and Disease

08 May 2018

A Colloquium organised by Collegio A Volta, the University of Pavia and Kingl's College London will take place on the 10th of May in Aula U Foscolo (65, Strada Nuova) and will address recent advances in research on Ageing and Disease. The changes in housing, the increase in food production, progress in the treatment of infectious diseases and general public health measures have not only led to a major increase in the human population but have also more than double human lifespan in the last two hundred years. The link between ageing and disease is a complex and this Colloquium will focus on selected major areas of research.

Image: Five Characters in a Comic Scene, c. 1490 by Leonardo da Vinci


2017/18 M Fraccaro Lecture

08 April 2018

The 2017/18 M Fraccaro Lecture, organised an nually by Collegio Cairoli and Collegio Volta will be given at 5.00 pm on 9th April 2018 in the main University lecture hall (Aula Magna) by Prof M De Luca at the University of Modena. 

The lecture entitled: Life-saving regeneration of the entire human epidermis by transgenic stem cells and will illustrate ground-breaking progress in curing a child with a life-threatening skis disease (Junctional epidermolysis bullosa, genetic disease caused by mutations in genes encodingthe basement membrane component laminin 5). The approach pursued by Prof M De Luca and his collaborators involved correction of the faulty gene in skin stem cells in culture followed by propagation and implantation of the cells with the corrected gene to enable the growth of the entire body skin. The results of this study were published in November 2017 in the journal Nature and the article is available here for downloading.

All College students are warmly invited to attend this important lecture.  The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here.  The lecture will be followed by refreshments at Collegio Cairoli.

Image: a human skin cell, known as keratinocyte, in culture.

Light Microscopy

18 March 2018

The College is organising a major seminar series on Light Microscopy from Monday the 19th of March to Thursday the 22nd.  Light microscopy has undergone dramative developments in the last 10-20 years that culminated in the 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry to Eric Betzig, Stefan W Hell and William E Moerner for the development of so-called super resolution fluorescence microscopy. 

The College series will involve a total of 8 seminars (2 per day at 2.00 and 4.00 pm respectively) and will cover both the foundations and the most recent advances in advanced imaging methods, super resolution, localisation microscopy and multi photon microscopy.   All College students are invited to participate, especially students of the Biology, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine Courses.  The poster of the series can be downloaded here. Image: DNA inside a cell's nucleus by super-resolution microscopy,

Speakers, dates and topics

William B Amos, Cambridge
Monday 19th March. 2.00 pm
Resolution and the nature of optical images

William B Amos, Cambridge
Monday 19th March. 4.00 pm
Ray and wave optics and practical microscopy

William B Amos, Cambridge
Tuesday 20th March. 2.00 pm
Polarisation and interference methods

William B Amos, Cambridge
Wednesday 21th March. 2.00 pm
New directions in optical microscopy

Rainer Heintzmann, Jena
Tuesday 20th March. 4.00 pm
Super resolution microscopy

Gail McConnell, Strathclyde
Wednesday 21st March. 4.00 pm
Lasers and advanced imaging methods

Susan Cox, London
Thursday 22nd March. 2.00 pm
Localisation microscopy

Veronika AM Te Boekhorst, Houston.
Thursday 22nd March. 4.00 pm
Multiphoton microscopy
























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