North Wing Security

15 June 2017

Following several meetings with EDiSU, College has been advised that a number of doors in the North wing be secured with cable straps. The request stems from the need to keep the North wing, and hence College, secure and follows recurrent findings of doors being left open by students or visitors. 

Students living and working in the North wing may wish to note the following two points:   (i) the action taken in no way compromises Health & Safety measures because, in emergency, the doors can be pushed open without problem or delay,  (ii) students breaking the straps without justification will be disciplined as the College needs to enforce rules that have been introduced solely as a result of the failure of the North wing community to comply with security requirements. 

Students requiring furthe clarification are welcome to contact the College Office.











10 June 2017

Tori Helmer and Annie Page of Cambridge Assessment will give a seminar entitled BMAT or IMAT. Aseessing the benefits on Monday, the 12th of of June at 12.00 noon in the College board room. The International Medical Admission Test (IMAT) is the test currently employed for assessing students who apply for placements at Italian Medical Schools offering Courses taught in English.  The Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) is an alternatve test used in the UK anad a number of other countries.  Tori Helmer and Anni Page will highlight key similarities and differences between the two tests, both of which have been developed by Cambridge Assessment.

All College students are warmly invited to attend. The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here.










Unipv Innovation

04 June 2017

Unipv Innovation is returning to College on June 6th at 7.00 pm in the College lecture theatre.  Unipv Innovation is a group inspired by F Svelto, Deputy Chancellor for Technology Transfer at the University of Pavia and founded by the University in order to promote business cration and technology transfer within the University of Pavia and more in general a business culture among students and staff of the University and the city of Pavia.  The first event run by Unipv Innovation and hosted by College was very lively and successful and this second event is expected to attract similar interest. All College students are warmly invited to attend.










Halving Premature Death

06 May 2017

The 2016/17 Volta lecture will be given by Sir Richard Peto of Oxford University in the College lecture theatre at 5.00 pm on May 25th.  The lecture will illustrate the social, scientific and medical actions in order to halve the number of premature deaths worldwide in the next two decades, a goal that Sir Richard regards as achievable.  Sir Richard is a leading epidemiologist who made groundbreaking contributions to the methodologiy of epidemiological investigations field, including the logrank test and meta-analysis, and their application to the study and control of human disease.

The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here. A synopsis of the lecture can be found here, a brief biography can be found here. Additional information about the lecture and speaker can be found at this page. All College students are expected to attend the annual Volta lecture.

Image courtesy: Nuffield Department of Primary Care, Oxford University









College Assembly

06 May 2017

On the 8th of May at 6.15 pm in the main lecture theatre a general College assembly will take place in order to review the academic results of the 1st semester,  clarify the tasks ahead in order to meet EDiSU requirements for confirmation of Collge placement and confrm the relevant dates and oadmap leading to successful confirmation for 2017/18. 

A significant body of data will be presented at the assembly and attendance is compulsory for all students of undergraduate and MSc Courses (Lauree Magistrali) wishing to apply for a College placement in the academic year 2017/18 or part of it.

Image courtesy: G Ruperto (









Ultimate Hunters

02 May 2017

For the second year running the freshers of Collegio Volta have won the inter-collegiate Treasure Hunt, a popular event enacted with passion and enthusiasm and capable of generating massive following and support in every College.

The Volta's freshers who won the 2016/17 (shown in the picture and listed alphabetically) are:  Luca Albertazzi, Francesco Cervellera, Benedetta Dalmagioni, Sofia Giorgi, Martina Giudice, Giulia Imberti, Silvia Lamarra, Ruggiero Lattanzio, Chiara Mauri, Alessandro Papa, Riccardo Pilia, Sara Rovertoni, Matteo Turchetti and Giuseppe Termini  and have been duly mentored by Giovanni Gruosso and Alfio Marra, also shown in the picture.  Another picture shows the celebrations of the team and supporters on the night of the event (29th April). 

The College wishes to congratulate its students for this further achievement.








Trinity College Cambridge

19 April 2017

Collegio Volta and Trinity College Cambridge have reached an agreement enabling students of either College to exchange academic visits for periods of study or research.  Although full details of the scheme will be finalised in the autumn of 2017 and will come into force for the academic year 2017/18, Trinity College is ready to host the first three students of Collegio Volta from the summer of 2017.

Collegio Volta will provide partial support to its students toward travel, accommodation and living expenses in Cambridge and students interested in applying for one of the three placements are  invited to contact the College Master in order to discuss further details. The deadline for formal applications is the 30th of April 2017.

Image: The great court of Trinity College. The College, founded in 1536 by Henry VIII included among past members F Bacon, I Newton, GG Byron, J Clerk Maxwell, JJ Thomson, E Rutherford, L Wittgenstein. Members of Trinity have been awarded a total of thirty two Nobel Prizes. .







Blood Platelets

01 April 2017

On Monday the 10th of April 2017 at 4.00 pm College will host two interesting seminars on blood platelets organised by A Balduini of the Department of Molecular Medicine (Pavia). 

The first of them entitled Making platelets in vitro: an environmental question and making it count will be delivered by Cedric Ghevaert of the Wellcome Trust - MRC, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, UK and will discuss progress toward production of human platelets in the laboratory from stem/progenitor cells. Further details about C Ghevaert's seminar can be found on the dedicated seminar page. The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here.

The second seminar, entitled From ChIP-Seq to a role for Tropomyosin-4 in platelet biogenesis will be given by Marloes Tijssen of the Department of Haematology University of Cambridge, UK and will address the role of this molecule in platelet formation. Further details about M Tihissen's seminar can be found on the dedicated seminar page. The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here.

All College students are invited to attend.

Image: scanning electron micrograph of human platelets. Courtesy of Louise Howard, Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire, USA).






Gene Targeting

01 April 2017

On Thursday the 6th of April at 5.00 pm in the main lecture theatre of the University Mario Capecchi will deliver the 4th Marco Fraccaro Lecture entitled Gene Targeting in the 21st Centrury

Mario Capecchi made fundamental contributions to Genetics by developing methods for selecting embryonic stem cells carrying targeted gene mutations and was awarded a share of the 2007 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his contributions to genetics. The Marco Fraccaro lecture, named after the late Marco Fraccaro, Professor of Medical Genetics at Pavia for over three decades and a pioneer in the study of human chromosomes and chromosomal abnormalities.  The lecture is organised annually by Collegio Volta and Colegio Cairoli.  The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here. All College students are invited to attend.

Image: a chimaeric mouse. Courtesy of the Mouse Genetics Programme of the Sanger Institute (Hinxton, UK).






A Life Passion for Vaccines

16 March 2017

Mariagrazia Pizza, an Italian scientist working at the GSK Vaccines in Siena will give a teaching seminar on Tuesday the 21st of March 2017 entitled A Life Passion for Vaccines. How the Caccines for Pertussis and Meningitis were developed.  The seminar will cover recent progress and remaining challenges in the field of vaccine development, a topic of major interest for all College students in Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine.

All College students are invited to attend. Further details about M Pizza's  seminar can be found on the dedicated seminar page.  The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here.  The seminar  is organised jointly with the Department of Molecular Medicine.






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