Ancora una Volta: Cos' e' la Politica

An interesting book presentation will take place on Monday 24th at 6.00 pmat neighbour Collegio Nuovo. The poster of the event can be downloaded here; the actual title of the book is I valori e le regole. I termini della teoria sociologica. by Franco Rositi, Liguori editore 2014.

Italian social scientist Franco Rositi, a former lecturer at the University of Pavia, awill ddreses the meaning and challenges of political culture in present day world. In addition to the author, the evening will host contributions by Fabio Rugge, he current Chancellor of the University of Pavia and a political scientist himself, Loredana Sciolla, a social scientist at the University of Turin, Anna Rita Calabro', Lorenzo Rampa and Giorgio Rampa, all three lecturers at the University of Pavia (members of Volta know Giorgio Rampa already as the College Director of Studies in Economics).

Volta students are welcome and invited to take part at the book presentation at Collegio Nuovo.

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