Social Life

The College has an active social life programme. The first social event of the academic year is an autumn fete at the end of freshers week. A second event typically takes places on Saint Martin’s Day. The third event is the College Christmas Party and the final event is the June Ball. 

Freshers Party

The College celebrates the arrival of new students with a large Party at the end of Freshers Week. The event is organised by the Volta Students Union Party and typically takes place on Saturday evening and night at the end of the second week of October on open College grounds as well indoor (in the central area of the main corridor on the ground floor). Food, drinks, music and dancing are on the programme.

Saint Martin’s Fete

A second traditional Volta social event takes place on Saint Martin’s Day (November 11th). This is an indoor event organised by the Volta Students Union on the ground floor of the College. It offers food, drinks, music and dancing as well as a touch of typical Saint Martin’s Day traditions, namely roasted chestnuts and vin nouveau.

Christmas Party

This traditional event takes place each year typically on the Thursday of the second week of December. It is organised by the Volta Students Union and involves generous amounts of hot food and wine, a variety of traditional Italian Christmas cakes and a large supply of party wines. Music and dancing are available and students are encouraged to put on stage some stage performance.

June Ball

After a few years in which Volta students have failed to organise a summer College Ball and had toyed with the idea of a Ball organised far away from College premises and involving thousands of participants, 2013/14 may finally see a return to a proper College Ball on College premises. The Volta Students Union has been encouraged to consider a Ball on the grounds at the front of College (the car park area) while College awaits completion of the North Wing and the release of additional ground space that could offer alternative location for the marquee. Collegio Volta believes that a summer Ball is an important event for the social life of the College and looks forward to seeing the return of this event to College.

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