Ageing and Disease

A one-day colloquium promoted by Collegio A Volta, the University of Pavia and King's College London will take place on the 10th of May in Aula U Foscolo (65, Strada Nuova) and will address recent advances in research on Ageing and Disease

The changes in housing, the increase in food production, progress in the treatment of infectious diseases and general public health measures have not only led to a major increase in the human population but have also more than double human lifespan in the last two hundred years. The link between ageing and disease is a complex and this Colloquium will focus on selected major areas of research.  College students are warmly invited to attend this important lecture. 

Topics of the colloqium include the biological basis of age-associated memory changes, the mechanisms leading to Parkinson's disease, age-associated amyloidosis, age-related changes in skeletal muscles and the cardiovascular system and the potential impact of nutrigenomics in counteracting age-related cardiovascular pathologies.  The poster of the colloquium can be downloaded here. All College students are warmly invited to attend, especially students as the issue of ageing populations and the link between ageing and disease touches on the life of most of us and constitutes a major challenge for society in both medical and financial terms.

Image: scanning electron micrograph a Purkinje neuron. Courtesy of D McCarthy.

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