RNA Vaccines

22 April 2021. 
George P Smith, University of Missouri, Columbia

At 6.00 pm on 22 April 2021 George P Smith will give a lecture entitled: RNA Vaccines for Pandemic Threats (subtitle:Promise of the technology and economic justice in its development. The lecture will be online and is accessible through this link.

George Smith is Curators' Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.  He was born in Norwalk, Connecticut in the United States. He obtained a degree in Biology at Haverford College in Pennsylvania (1963) and a PhD in Bacteriology and Immunology at Harvard University (1970). After completing post-doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, he moved to the University of Missouri in Columbia where he remained there for the rest of his career excpet for two years at Duke University (1983–1984).

George P Smith adapted fundamental principles of evolution (diversity and selection) to laboratory science and specifically to protein engineering.  He developed a strategy - phage display - that enables rapid selection of protein varian for specific functions or new functions and for this work he was awarded a share of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2018.

The poster of the lecture is available here.

Image: People queuing for food aid during the Covid pandemic in Pretoria, South Africa (20 May 2020, Reuters)

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