Examinations 2016/17

Collegio Volta reports a further increase in the percentage of students securing the number of credits required by EDiSU for confirmation of College placements above the results of previous years. The College also presented in a public meeting held at Collegio Ghislieri on the 7th of July 2017, the results of a University wide study on the impact of the Colleges of the University of Pavia on academic careers. The results of the study are wide-ranging and demonstrate that students living and working in Colleges experience a lower rate of drop out at the end of their first year of study and secure, on average, a higher number of credits througout the year compared to students living outside College.  The study also established the average, actual duration of undergraduate and MSc courses at Pavia and showed that only the group of Colleges known as 'Collegi di merito' (Borromeo, Ghislieri, Nuovo and S Caterina) were able to ensure that their students graduates in the expected time window or close enough.

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