Examinations 2017/18

Starting from this academic year College will publish data for all students admitted to Volta by EDiSU who enrolled in a University course. This approach will make the College data fully compatible with the model that College adopted for the University-wide study completed and presented in July 2017. Accordingly the stats include drop out data, a key feature of the anlaysis carried out by Volta on the impact of College education on academic careers.  The number of credits secured by 10th August 2018 by all 128 undergraduates who studied in College for the academic year 2017/18 or parts of it is shown in the Fig Examination Results (Credits) 2017. The Fig shows data for individual students and the average per year.

When analysed vis a vis the requirements set by EDiSU for confirmation of College placements the number of students who secured EDiSU requirements was 20/28 for year 1 students, 32/35 for year 2, 18/21 for year 3, 25/28 for year 4, 5/6 for year 5 and 9/10 for year 6. The overall percentage of compliance with EDiSU rules is 85% and does not take into account students who are below the credit threshold as a result of the fact that they have been studying abroad as Erasmus students but have not had their credits converted and uploaded and students who have gained credits from traineeships to be uploaded in September. The average marks secured by each student is shown in the Fig Examination Results (Marks) 2017. For students enrolled in year 2 or higher years the figure shown represents the average across all course years and not just for 2017/17.  57 students out of 128 undergraduates (44.5%) have marks of  27 out of 30 or higher.

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