HIV and AIDS. The hidden truth.

5th May 2014. 
Giovanni Maga, Institute of Molecular Genetics IGM-CNR, Pavia

The seminar will take place in the College lecture theatre at 6.00 pm. The poster can be downloaded here. In spite of unquestionable scientific evidence linking the infection of HIV-1 to the development of AIDS, still the opinion survives among the general public that AIDS is not caused by a viral infection, but rather is a consequence of malnutrition, sexual behaviour, drug abuse and antiretroviral drugs. These ideas are being perpetuated through media and Internet and pose a risk for those patients who succumb to them, refusing treatment and committing themselves to a painful life and unavoidable death. By reckoning the origin and development of the AIDS denialism movement and the faulty, pseudoscientific logic behind it, this seminar will also review the scientific foundations of our current knowledge of AIDS and the future perspective for a possible elimination of this scourge, still threatening the lives of millions of people worldwide.

AIDS: la verità negata. Come l'HIV causa l’AIDS e perché dall'AIDS si potrà guarire.
Giovanni Maga, Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore. Marzo 2014. 132 pp. € 16.00

Giovanni Maga is the Head of the Molecular Virology laboratory at the Institute of Molecular Genetics IGM-CNR in Pavia. His work is focused on the study of host-virus relationships and the development of novel therapeutic approaches to human viral diseases (AIDS, influenza, Hepatitis). He is the author of more than 200 scientific publications on international journals and is interested in bringing Science to the general public, giving frequent lectures in secondary schools and public venues, especially aimed to raise awareness of the lay public towards the problem of AIDS.



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