How to Succeed at University

5th October 2016.  
Bob Smale and Julie Fowlie, Brighton University 

The authors of the highly acclaimed and successful book How to Succeed at University will present the book to College students at 5.00 pm on October 5th in the College lecture thatre.  B Smale and J Fowlie will highlight the key factors that enable a University student to achieve his/her full potential at University and in later life. The book, now its 2nd edition, has been read and put to use by a number of University students in the UK and other countries since the 1st edition was released in 2009. Collegio Volta is particularly interested in introducing personal development plans and this is one of several areas in which B Smale and J Fowlie's book will provide significant guidance. 

All College students are warmly encouraged to participate. The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here. A synopsis of the talk can be downloaded here.

Image: students attending a degree ceremony t the University of Pavia (2nd July 2016).



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