Macromolecular NMR

Christina Redfield, Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Oxford and a world leader in the biological applications of NMis giving an advanced, postgraduate course on Macormolecular NMR.  The course is of special interest to Colleg students enrolled in MSc Courses in Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The poster of the Course is available here. The main topics of the Course are the following:

[1] Basic concepts in NMR Spectroscopy
[2] Assignment of Protein NMR Spectra
[3] Assignment using 1H NMR methods
[4] Assignment using 15N and 13C Labeling
[5] Extracting Structural Information from NMR Parameters
[6] Structure Determination from NMR
[7] Protein Dynamics
[8] NMR of Nucleic Acids
[9] Protein-ligand interactions

Image: Typical two-dimensional NMR spectra.



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