Mountain Gorillas Lost Film

30 October 2013. Dian Fossey.
The third film/documentary of a series of four devoted to Planet Earth and the Natural World. Dian Fossey was born in 1932 and died in 1985). She was an American zoologist who undertook extensive field work on gorillas over a period of 18 years in Rwanda. With Jane Goodall and Birutė Galdikas, she was part of the so-called Leakey's Angels, a group of three prominent researchers on primates (Fossey on gorillas; Goodall on chimpanzees; and Galdikas on orangutans) encoreged by anthropologist Louis Leakey to study great apes in their natural environments.  She made outstanding contributions to the study of the social life of gorillas and paid with her life her opposition to poachers, lobbyists and government people with strong financial interests in the exploitation of gorillas.


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