Prize Students 2012/13

The Prize students for the academic year 2012/13 have been announced during the General College Assembly of 7th October 2013 and included four College undergraduates and four MSc students. There were two prizes in Medicine, one for the 3 year Courses and one for the 6 year Courses (Golgi and Harvey). The College wishes to congratulate all eight students for their superb achievement.


Name: Michela Arnaudo
Course: Obst & Gynaecology, Year: 3

Name: Beatrice Lena
Course: Physics, Year: 2

Name: Laura Croce
Course: Medicine, Year: 6

Name: Giuseppe Siciliano
Course: Engineering, Year: 3


Msc Students

Name: Rosalia Cacciatore
Course: Biology, Year: 1

Name: Federico Vecchietti
Course: Engineering, Year: 2

Ame: Petra Gurisova
Course: Economics, Year: 1

Name: Marco Cobianchi
Course: Physics, Year: 1


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