Prize Students 2013/14

The Prize students for the academic year 2013/14 were announced during the General College Assembly of 6th October 2014  and included the students listed below. The College wishes to congratulate all eight students for their superb achievement.


Name: Andrea Barone
Course: Physics, Year 1

Name: Benedetta Broggi
Course: Medicine, Year 3

Name: Piera Guerini
Course: Pharmacy, Year 5

Name: Riccardo Paroli
Course: Chemistry, Year 1

Name: Monica Passanante
Course: Medicine, year 3

Msc Students

Name: Francesca Lattere
Course: Neurobiology, Year 2

Name: Giuseppe Siciliano
Course: Electronic Engineering, Year 1

Name: Morena Miriello
Course: International Business and Entrepreneurship, Year 2



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