Students Committees 2014/15

The academic year 2014/15 saw a sea change in students' representation at Collegio Volta.  With the completion and opening of the new North wing of the College, housing 78 graduate students and 5 additional visiting graduates, the College could now elect a 8 member executive of the Volta Students' Union.  As a result of such changes, the roles previously undertaken by the House, Library and Sports Committee have been transferred, from 2014/15, to members of the enlarged executive of the Volta Students' Union.

Volta Students' Union Executive

Namre: Simone Soriano,  (President)
Course: Medicine, Year 3

Name: Giorgio Badessi (President)
Course: Medicine, Year 3

Name: Delaram Farzin
Course: Pharmacy, Year 2

Name: Giuseppe Dipinto
Course: Sports Sciences, Year 2

Name: Giulia Bonaretti
Course: Economics, Politics and International Relations, Year 1 (MSc)

Name: Giuseppe Sicliano
Course: Computer Engineering, Year 2 (MSc)

Name: Ali Rida
Course: Construction Engineering, Year 2 (MSc)

Name: Francesco Ruberto
Course: PhD in Economics, Year 2

Giuseppe Dipinto served in the Committee for for the semester 1. In semester 2, his seat in the Committee was taken up alternatively by Claudio Neidhoefer, Medicine, Year 3 or by Henriette Wa katolo, Medicine, Year 2 who secured the same number of votes at the election.



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