Students Committees 2015/16

In October 2015 College students elected a new, 8 member strong executive of the Volta Students' Union. The members elected are listed below.  All were elected to serve a full year in the Committee.

Volta Students' Union Executive

Name: Delaram Farzin (President)
Course: Pharmacy, Year 3

Name: Simone Soriano, 
Course: Medicine, Year 4

Name: Giorgio Badessi
Course: Medicine, Year 4

Name: Chiara Francioso
Course: Biology, Year 5


Name: Paolo Stefanizzi
Course: Neurobiology, Year 1 (MSc)

Name: Alberto Martinasso
Course: Specialty in Clinical Pathology, Year 2

Name: Carmelo Sgarlata
Course: Specialty in Clinical Medicine, Year 2

Name: Tom Sutherland
Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Mathematics




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