Volta Cine Club (VCIC)

The College has an active Cine Club (VCIC) that has offered a variety of titles over the last two academic years. Topics such as people’s rights, education, justice and freedom have featured strongly in the work presented by the Cine Club both in the 2011/12 and 2012/13 academic years and the last series of films was offered jointly with members of the local (Pavia) branch of Amnesty International. The Volta Cine Club was constituted formally as a Club in 2013/14 and featured a series of award-winning documentaries on Planet Earth and the Natural World in October/November 2013, a series on Reality and Illusion in October/November 2014 and numerous other displays and discussions in more recent years.

The following students enrolled in the VCIC for the academic year 2021/22. Mircea A Codrea agreed to act as Club Secretary for this academic year.

Amina    Amer
Ilaria    Campese
Raffaele    Castellucci
Beatrice    Cicchetti
Daniele    Di Marco
Simone    Filippi
Valerio    Florestano
Carlo     Galli
Giulia    Gossetti
Maral    Kazemian
Aurora    Legittimo
Matteo    Lo Porto
Maria Pia    Longo
Pinar    Olguner
Dario    Pulito
Basma    Ragab
Letizia     Rovertoni
Ines    Shopi
Alessia    Traversa
Stefany M    Vecchio
Francesca     Veneziani
Maryam    Yazdani
Agnese    Zambinelli
Gabriele    Adobati
Mehdi        Alipour Masoumabad
Paolo    Catarsi
Mircea A    Codrea
Lorenzo    Cosci
Giovanni    Marchese
Tuba    Özcan
Alice    Salacrist
Maurizio    Sanna
Martina GRM    Soresi
Emma    Vedovati

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