Volta Freshers' Society (VFRS)

The Volta Freshers' Society (VFRS) aims to help the new students of Collegio, especially year one undergraduates to find their way in College reaching out to students of higher years and becoming rapidly productive.  The College Master will ask the Fresher's Society to arrange and coordinate at least two meetings in October devoted to the preparation of the study plans due at the end of October and to the personal development plans.  The College Office will offer special help to College Freshers on all house matters from access to College facilities, College payments, etc and College will encourage and support social and sport events promoting the presence and the role of freshers in College clubs, sport teams and study groups..

The following students have enrolled in the VFRS for the academic year 2021/22.  Sladjana Ajdinovic  has agreed to act as Secretary to the Society for this academic year.

Sladjana    Ajdinovic
Beatrice    Cicchetti
Martina    Forlani
Federico    Ghirelli
Giulia    Gossetti
Maral    Kazemian
Maria Pia Longo
Veronica    Maresca
Erica    Peria
Basma    Ragab
Odunayo D Adeniyi
Mehdi    Alipour Masoumabad
Annalisa    Barone
Adnane    Boumaiza
Ricardo    Trujillo
Emanuele    Tumbiolo
Ivan     Voloshyn
Ragip S    Yilmaz

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