Volta Garden Club (VGAC)

The construction of the new College wing on the North front (due to open in October 2014) has appreciably reduced the surface of the College grounds. The College, nevertheless, is left with ~ 7,500 sqm of College green and needs to develop this resource in the best possible way. The purpose of the Volta Garden Club (VGAC) aims to promote ideas and discussion among College members about the best ways to develop the College grounds and encourage students to take a first hand interest in gardening (the College aims to make available an of the College grounds for student's gardening projects). The Club also promotes seminar and visits by experts in gardening and landscaping projects, an example of which has been a College lecture by Prof Francesco Sartori, the Director of the Botanical Garden of the University of Pavia and organises trips and visits of College students to a selection of beautiful Italian gardens open to the public.

The following students enrolled in the VGAC for the academic year 2021/22.  Michele Colombelli agreed to act as Club Secretary for this academic year.

Amina    Amer
Michele    Colombelli
Carlo     Galli
Ali    Ghanbari
Veronica    Maresca
Elia A    Perli
Iris M    Scholz
Soheil    Shishehbor
Alessia    Traversa
Maryam    Yazdani
Mehdi        Alipour Masoumabad
Arianna    Armanetti
Paolo    Catarsi
Oday    Gharaba
Martina    Giacomini
Davide    Gianatti
Shayan    Kamalzadeh
Aisyah R    Laily
Giovanni    Marchese
Tuba    Özcan
Hadiseh    Safari Zavaraki
Alice    Salacrist
Martina GRM    Soresi
Emanuele    Tumbiolo
Emma    Vedovati
Hisham    Wazeer

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