Volta Role Playing Club (VRPC)

College students Giovanni Bisbano and Chiara Pizzoni started a Volta Role-Playing Club (VRPC) in 2017/18. Born to give the chance to discover Role-Playing Games (particularly Dungeons & Dragons), the Club has an official logo offers great opportunities for fun and personal development. The Club run two multi-table adventure events: Ghosts from the past and Every ten years that involved 28 participants each and a debate about Role-Playing Games. The Club secretaries have set a Volta Role-Playing Club Facebook group for announcements, photos and discussions.

The following students enrolled in the VRPC in the academic year 2021/22. Giovanni Bisbano acted as Club Secretary.

Leonardo    Beretta
Giovanni Bisbano
Demis    Capodagli
Samuele    Di Cugno
Agnese    Zambinelli
Giovanni    Bisbano
Claudia C    Alfaro Contreras
Claudia    Cavaliere
Emanuele    Tumbiolo



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