Volta Rowing Club (VROC)

Rowing is a beautiful sport with a strong association with University studies and life. Pavia is a city on a river (the river Ticino) and the University of Pavia has a strong rowing tradition, which includes an annual race with the University of Pisa taking place alternatively in Pisa on the river Arno or in Pavia on the river Ticino. Collegio Volta has a first class rower, Corrado Regalbuto, who is a College undergraduate student in Medicine and a member of the University Sport Club (CUS) and the national eight with coxswain (8+) and four without coxswain ($-) squads. The College expects that the presence in College of an athlete of the calibre of Corrado Regalbuto may encourage other students to take up rowing. The purpose of the Volta Rowing Club  (VROC) is to assist this process by promoting rowing events in College by organising meetings, seminars, movies and any other activity that may encourage rowing among Volta students.

The following students enrolled in the VROC for the academic year 2021/22.  Corrado Regalbuto has agreed to act as Club Secretary and coach for the students enrolled.

Agnese    Zambinelli
Wasma    Amin Abdelgadir Ahmed
Andrei S    Blindu
Davide    Gianatti
Elena    Mariani
Corrado    Regalbuto
Ivan     Voloshyn

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