Volta Society for International Students (VSIS)

The Volta Society for International Students (VSIS) aims to provide support to all foreign students who join College during their studies in Pavia. These include undergraduate students  (Erasmus students and students of other exchange schemes) and  graduate students who join the University of Pavia for MA and PhD courses or as post-doctoral fellows.  VSIS organises social events, as well as meetings and seminars, with the purpose of ensuring that the foreign students of Volta feel welcome in College and have every opportunity to contribute to College life in line with the College mission that Volta aims to be a truly international community of scholars.

The following students have enrolled in the VSIS for the academic year 2021/22. Alain P    Peleu Ngate has agreed to act as Secretary to the Society for this academic year.

Sladjana    Ajdinovic
Amina    Amer
Ludovica    Ferrero
Martina    Forlani
Ali    Ghanbari
Elisa I    Hobelsberger
Shamim    Joudakidinarvandi
Aida    Karimian
Maral    Kazemian
Ana    Kovic
Eleonora    Nicodemo
Giulia Maria    Nicoletta
Basma    Ragab
Serra    Sahin
Arber    Selimi
Ines    Shopi
Stefany M    Vecchio
Mehdi        Alipour Masoumabad
Odunayo D    Adeniyi
Romina     Bahrami
Sharareh    Banihashemi
Adnane    Boumaiza
Shayan    Kamalzadeh
Aisyah R    Laily
Lam V    Le
Abimbola C    Ogunyele
Tuba    Özcan
Alain P    Peleu Ngate
Michelle E    Rygus
Mohammad    Tamadoni Ghanbalani
Ricardo    Trujillo
Ragip S    Yilmaz

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