Volta Volleyball Club (VVBC)

Volleyball has proved a popular sport at Volta among boys and girls alike. It  is one of the sports that College wishes to encourage and a volleyball court is being considered as one of the components of the Sports Centre that Volta hopes to build on College grounds. In October 2014 more than 20 College students expressed an interest in playing volleyball or support this sport otherwise, A volleyball club therefore has been instituted.

The following students have enrolled in the VVBC for the academic year 2021/22. Andrea Trabacca and Giulia Bonasegale have agreed to act as Club Secretaries for the Boy's and Girl's teams respectively.

Amina    Amer
Leonardo    Beretta
Rania    El Bouadli
Giorgia    Fontana
Martina    Forlani
Federico    Ghirelli
Giulia    Gossetti
Maral    Kazemian
Nicola    Loizzo
Veronica    Maresca
Irene    Nicosia
Jessica    Oliva
Dario    Pulito
Ester    Rizzo
Angelica    Scarpellini
Arber    Selimi
Ines    Shopi
Andrea    Trabacca
Agnese    Zambinelli
Annalisa    Barone
Giulia    Bonasegale
Andrea    Caiulo
Diego    Riva


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