Can the youth rebuild the economy

12tth May 2014. 
Marco Salvadeo, President of the Young Entrepreneurs at Confindustria Pavia and  District Manager of the Manpower Group (Pavia Area)

The seminar will take place in the College lecture theatre at 9.00 pm. The poster can be downloaded here. IYoung people are the key to our future but which job opportunities do they have ?  And what will the companies of the future look like ?  In a historic moment of desertification of skills and businesses, the natural desire of young people to explore and build their future, ie their entrepreneurship - must be encouraged.  Entrepreneurship is needed for producing new business ideas or new products but is also needed in order to produce known goods in simpler or cheaper or more environmentally friendly manner. Thus, entrepreneurship is an essential route by which the youth can turn around the current financial crisis and rebuild a strong economy. Actions promoting entrepreneurship among young people constitute a pressing duty and will entrust young generations with the right to build tomorrow’s world.

Marco Salvadeo is the President of Young Entrepreneurs at Confindustria Pavia and is also District Manager Manpower Group Pavia Area. As President of Confindustria Pavia, he aims to increase the opportunities to meet with other youth organisations both nationally and internationally, help local companies to expand abroad, promoTE the creation of new companies and offer practical support to young people involved in these processes.


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