30 October 2019

F Spallotta, a scientist at the Institute for Cancer Research in Candiolo (Italy) will give a seminar tomorrow Thursday the 31st of October at 2.00 pm in the College lecture theatre on the role of epigenetic processes in diseases such as diabetes and cancer.  Epigenetic changes are subtle but stable chemical modifications of the genetic material (DNA) that influence in a fundamental way gene activity during development as well as in disease.  The speaker will also address the prospect that new drugs interfering with the biochemical pathways responsible for epigenetic changes may find important applications in diabetes and cancer.

All College students are invited to participate, notably natural science and medical students. The poster of the seminar can be downloaded here. Further information about the seminar and speaker can be found at this page.

Image courtesy of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

29 October 2019

College students have casted their votes for election of the new executive of the Volta Student Union for the academic year 2019/20.  A total of 110 students (67 undergraduates and 43 postgraduates) have taken part in the election and the results have been as follows (candidates in alphabetical order):

G Bonasegale (31)
D Gianatti (14 votes)
G Maggiorano (22)

G Lombardo (9)     
A Ria (12)
D Riva (12)
M Silvestri (6)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The members of the VSU Committee for 2019/20 are D Gianatti, G Maggiorano, G Bonasegale, A Ria, D Riva and G Lombardo. G Bonasegale will act as Committee secretary.

25 October 2019


College will debate the history, value and  scope of Collegiate Universities on Tuesday the 29th of October 2019 at 6.00 pm in the main College lecture theatre.

The meeting will include contributions from E Gherardi of Collegio A Volta at the University of Pavia about the Collegiate Universities in the United Kingdom and from M Ryan, former Dean of Jonathan Edwards College at Yale University, about the development of a collegiate system at several American Universitiies, including Harvard, Yale and Princeton. The meeting also aims to reflect upon and discuss the current structure of the Collegiate system of the University of Pavia and ways in which this system can be safeguarded and developed in future years.

All students of Collegio Volta are warmly invited to join this event and participate in the discussion. The poster of the event can be found here.

Image: Collegio P Fraccaro and University towers, Pavia.

20 October 2019

The College aims to offer a formal library service from early November as soon as EDiSU will have completed the procedures for allocating teaching and support responsibilities to the students who have expressed an interest in such roles.

Meanwhile, College is pleased to inform its members that Francesco Cervellera, a year 3 medical undergraduate in the Golgi Course has kindly agreed to provide an interim library loan service. Francesco will not sit at the library desk on specific days of the week and at specific times but can be reached by email or phone either directly or via the porter's desk. These arrangements will last until further notice, namely until a formal library service will be in place. 

College would like to express its thanks to Francesco for this valuable and generous contribution to College life and studies.

Image: the JTM Needham College library (photograph by former Volta undergraduate S Tondi).

19 October 2019

On the 28h of October 2019 Fabio R Collamati, the EDiSU Advisor/Consultant on matters of Health & Safety will meet the new students of Collegio Volta and Collegio Golgi for a Health & Safety Induction.   The meeting will take place at 6.30 pm in the College lecture theatre of Collegio Volta.

All Volta students who entered College on or after the 1st of September 2018 must attend this meeting. EDiSU will monitor attendance and students who fail to attend the meeting may be asked to leave College as Health & Safety induction is a statutory requirement. College requests therefore that all Volta freshers attend this EDiSU Health & Safety meeting without exception.



19 October 2019

College students who run into difficulties with their academic work should contact the College director without delay and discuss with him the necessary remedial actions. However, College students who run into difficulties with their personal life - often compounded with problems in their academic career - typically need additional support beyond the one often available from friends, family or College.

The University now runs an effective student counselling service provided by Paola Ferrari, a psychologist based at Centro di Orientamento who can be contacted by email or phone (details obtainable from the University email and phone search page.  

College students are strongly encouraged to seek advice and support through this service whenever they see that other measures have failed to solve their prolems. The Service is free and available to all undergraduate and graduate students students in residence at Volta in either Italian or English languages.

18 October 2019

The College invites nominations for election of the executive of the Volta Students Union for the academic year 2019/20. The executive will consist of six students: three undergraduates and three postgraduates.

Although the 21st of October was indicated at students meetings as a deadline for nominations, the deadline is extended here to Tuesday the 22nd of October due to this late web posting.

Election day will be Monday the 28th of October.  Ballot boxes will be placed at the porter's desk from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.  Candidates who stand for election are requested to meet with other students and explain their ideas and proposals for College life and work  The College expects strong participation of the students' community in this exercise of democracy and would like to thank all students who put themselves forward for election in the VSU executive.  

15 October 2019

Volta students can now enrol in College Courses (Personal Development, How to Write a Dissertation, Computer Coding, Web Deisgn, Latex, Italian, French, German and English) by entering their names on the forms available at the porter's desk.  Enrolment should take place before Friday the 18th of October as College expects most Courses to start early in November,

English Courses will be given in College by members of the Centro Linguistico of the University of Pavia and attendance requires that students sit a placement test (Oxford Online Placement Test) developed by the University of Oxford and delivered online by Oxford University Press. Placement tests for the German and French Courses will be arranged and delivered directly by the student or junior member of University staff who delivers the Course. Students invited sitting the Oxford Online Placement Test should do so before the date indicated in the email sent by the Head of College and Oxford University Press in teh week starting on the 21st of October.

All College freshers are expected to sit the English placement test unless they hold a recent C1 certification. Other College students who know their level of English to be below the C1 grade should also enrol in the English Courses and sit the placement test, regardless of the fact that they may have sat the test before.  College will confirm the level of the classes available and further details of the Courses one the placement ttests have been completetd.

English are supported by EDiSU and enrolment is free provided that student attend a minumum 80% of the lessons scheduled.


15 October 2019

As discussed briefly during the assembly of 7th October and the Freshers' meeting lof 14th October, College requests that students keep track of their extra-curricular activities in order to submit these data to the University and the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research (MIUR).

Briefly, tudents are asked to download a copy of a standard academic diary from the College website, print the diary on separate sheets - not back to front - and avoid stapling as this will hamper scanning for electronic data submission at a later stage. Students should complete the diary by recording their attendance to courses, supervisions, lectures, seminars, etc in College by entering title, date and duration of the teaching in hours where relevant,  They should also ask the supervisor to sign attendance at College tutorials and the head of College to sign attendance at external lectures/seminars.

All College students are warmly invited to keep an academic diary. Diary keeping is compulsory for students who have entered Collegio A Voltai after 1 October 2017.

Image: Two pages from one of Charles Darwin’s Beagle voyage diaries.

11 October 2019

College wishes to organise a further meeting with freshers on Monday 14th October at 9.00 pm in order to discuss a number of issues that were touched briefly during the General College Assembly but that require further discussion, especially among freshers.  The agenda of the meeting includes:

- academic diary
- college courses
- house matters
- students wellbeing
- medical care
- breakfast rooms
- students representation
- students and alumni society
- rules and regulation.

All freshers are expect to attend.  Students of other years also interested in one or more of the topics listed are also welcome.



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