10 October 2019

At the start of semester one, the College organises a number of meeting between students and official course coordinators (presidi di facoltà, presidenti dei consigli di corso di laurea, etc).  These meetings, which involve a brief introduction to the course by the coordinator followed by a questions & answers session, have proved to be extremely valuable in the past in order to enable the students of Volta to focus on key subjects and identify course problems and pittfalls at the very start of the academic year.  

The meetings currently scheduled are listed below, the ones concerning the medical courses will be added shortly. The title sof the meeting/subject are links to the relevant posters.

08 October. 5.00 pm.  Mathematics (F Bonsante)

15 October. 6.00 pm.  Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies (S Collina)

16 October. 6.00 pm.  Physics (B Pasquini)

23 October 5.00 pm. Medicine (C Esposito)

24 October. 6.00 pm.  Engineering (C Cusano)



04 October 2019

The General Annual,assembly of Collegio A Volta will take place on Monday the 7th of October in the College lecture theatre.

The General Annual Assembly marks the beginning of the academic year at Volta and presents the essential aspects of the life and work of the College. Topics include: (i) students’ role and representation, (ii) the academic results of the previous year, (iii) the work plan for the year ahead (iv) College courses, tutorials, lectures and seminars and, (v) the activities of students’ clubs and societies. All College students are invited to participate, attendance is mandatory for new College students (freshers).  The poster of the Assembly is available here.

Image: The College Assembly of 1 October 2018.



04 October 2019

EDiSU have published a call of interest for students interested in contributing to College teaching or support activities.  The teaching of Volta involves courses (personal development, computing, languages (except English) and supervisions: informal, small group, interactive teaching devoted to specifc subjects and courses.  Support activities involve primarily the library loan service and database maintenance and updates. 

The text of the call for interest is available at this page on the EDiSU website and here and lists all teaching and support activites that the College aims to carry out during the coming academic year.  It also lists teaching and support activities available at other EDiSU Colleges. The application form is available on the same web page as well as here. The deadline for applications is 12.00 noon on the 18th of October. Instructions on how to submit the application are given in the text of both the call and the form.  

College-based teaching is a and distinctive quintessential trait of Collegio Volta and all students of Collegio A Volta interested in contributing to the College teaching or support activities are strongly encouraged to apply. They are also entitled to apply, if interested, for teaching or support roles in other EDiSU Colleges. 

Image: A Chemistry supervision at Collegio A Volta (2016/17).



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