28 September 2019

The official sports society of the University of Pavia (Centro Universitario Sportivo, CUS) is a very active component of the life of this University and plays a major role in ensuring that many students at Pavia are actively engaged in individual or team sports.

CUS will hold an open day on October 5th starting at 10.00 am at one of their sites: Il capannone dei campioni, 1 via Don Boschetti, Pavia.  Prospective members of CUS will have achance during the day of trying out workouts and equipment and discussing with CUS staff enrolment and prospective levels of engagement. A berbecue with music - starting at 6.00 pm - will close the event. 

The sport achievements of Collegio A Volta have risen steadily in the last few years and College invites all/most of its students to engage in sport under the umbrella of CUS. Further information is available from S Ramat (Department of Computer and Industrial Engineering). A poster of the event can be downloaded here.

Image: the team of the coxless four boat that won the world championship (light weight) in Luzern in 2017 included two students from Pavia and active members of CUS: Matteo Mulas and Piero Sfiligoi (first and second from left).

07 September 2019

A major meeting will take place in the College lecture theatre on September 13th (afternoon) and 14th (all day) on biological and medical applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.  NMR spectroscopy constitutes a fundamental approach for the study of the structure and dynamics of biological molecules and for drug discovery and the meeting will offer a comprehensive overview of recent advances across major areas of research. The meeting also constitutes a special occasion for celebrations of: 

(i) early and important contributions that the University of Pavia made to NMR spectroscopy through the work of Enrico Giulotto and Attilio Rigamonti. The latter will lecture at the meeting

(ii) the lifelong and major contributions to NMR spectroscopy by Pierandrea Temussi, the Italian scientist who pioneered biological applications of NMR in Italy and actively contributes, to this day, to the theoretical and experimental development of NMR spectroscopy. 

(iii) the recent arrival at Pavia of a high-field (700 MHz) NMR spectrometre, currently being installed at Centro Grandi Strumenti, an instrument that will enable scientists in Pavia to tackle a number of new research projects in the biomedical area, from structural and dynamic analysis of biological molecules to drug discovery.

All College students are warmly invited to participate in this evemt.  The poster of the meeting can be found here.  Furher information is available on a separate page. Participation is free but all participants are requested to register for attendance at this link.


01 September 2019

The College is actively engaged in completing the admission procedures of prospective students who have requested placements at Collegio Volta for the academic year 2019/20.

The following documents (in Italian and English) are available for downloading and will help prospective students throughout the admission process.

Documents for Italian students
- Piano formativo
- Questionario
- Attività extra-curriculari
- Medie di riferimento

Documents for foreign students
- Learning agreement
- Questionnaire
- Extra-curricular activities
- Marks benchmarks


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