29 August 2020

For a few months the Volta website has been silent as much of the communication between the College and its students took place by internal emails.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected our College as it affect other Colleges in Pavia and other Collegiate Universities.  But two points clearly emerged from the crisis caused by the SARS Cov-2 virus:

(i)   Many Volta students elected to stay in College throughout the lockdown months. Although the College does not have the full data from other Colleges in Pavia it is clear that the occupancy of Volta throughout lockdown has been one of the highest if not the highest across University. And fortunately no Volta student has been infected by the virus or at least not in a recognisable, symptomatic way.

(ii) Volta made the point that teaching ought to continue throughout lockdown and College is indebted and very grateful to the following students (listed alphabetically): A Barone, G Burini, M Freiherr von Wangenheim, V Mangiaterra, S Merlini. D Nodari, O Najlani, I Rosignoli and the following external students or post-doctoral fellows (in alphabetical order): S Burgess, S Fofou Fotchi, P Minerba (a Volta alumnus), M Musci, E Naldi and I Rossinelli.

Together these students and post docs delivered 168 hours of Course material and 264 of supervisions, the majority of which was offered online, often with the help of graphic tables and unquestionably the teaching that College carried out notwithstanding Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown contributed in a major way to the strong academic results achieved by the members of Volta by the end of July deadline and to be presented at the General Assembly that will take place early in October.

Volta and its members sincerely hope that the worst of the SARS Cov-2 may now be over but the College will maintain the strictest vigilance and enforce tight discipline in order to try and keep the virus outside the College boundaries and enable our students to have a safe and productive 2020/21 academic year at Volta. 


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