English Language

 The English language is at the core of the life and work of Collegio and there are three fundamental reasons for this. 

The first reason is a general one: since the end of World War II, English has become the de facto lingua franca of the world of learning, especially at University level. It is perfectly natural therefore that, on this ground alone, English is a primary language of an Institution such as Volta. Jus in the same way in which, for centuries, Latin was used as the primary language of acadaemia outside Italy.

The second reason is the special international vocation of Volta. The College hosts a large number of students from abroad (>30% in 2016/17 against an average of 6% in the other Colleges of the University of Pavia).  At Volta therefore, the English language is needed even at a practical level in order to enable students to communicate effectively and and share their life and work in College.

Thirdly, the United Kingdom is the top destination abroad for Volta students seeking Erasmus placements, postgraduate Courses and training, post-doctoral fellowships and long term-employment.

The commitment of Volta to English language is in front of everyone in Pavia:   141 College students have entered English Courses that were constructed, promoted and run by College for three years and that were subsequently extended to other Colleges with support from EDiSU (the governing body of Collegio Volta and other ten Colleges in Pavia and Cremona).  Students should refer to English Courses webpage for further information about the Courses.


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