Academic Diary

As the first College seminar kicks off today 4th of October at 5.00 pm, College needs to outline the procedure that students must follow in order to prove their attendance and participation in College teaching. The procedure is straightforward:

(i) download your copy of the academic diary from the College website. Print the diary on separate sheets - not back to front - and do not staple these pages as this will hamper scanning,  (ii) complete the diary by recording each attendance at courses, supervisions, lectures, etc with title, date and duration of the teaching in hours where relevant,  (iii) ask the supervisor to sign your attendance. In the case of external lectures/seminars ask the College senior tutor or director to sign.

At the end of the academic year hand in your academic diary to the staff in the College Office who will scan it, return the hard copy to you, give you a copy of the electronic version and submit to the College director who will attach it to your annual report.  All College students are warmly invited to keep an academic diary and this is compulsory for students who have entered Collegio A Voltain 2018/19.

Image: Two pages from one of Charles Darwin’s Beagle voyage diaries.

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