African Migrants

Benjamin Page, Professor of Human Geography and African Studies at University College London will give a lecture on Thursday the 19th of March 2015 at 6.00 pm in the College lecture theatre. The lecture, entitled African migrant hometown associations: familiar faces in different places.will address the recent process of migration from the African continent and the mechanism and structures that enable the migrants to retain social and financial links with the family, town and country of origini.  The poster of the lecture can be downloaded here. All interested people are welcome to attend.

Ben Page's lecture will be the second in a series dedicated to The African Exodus, the massive migration of people from the African continent toward Europe and that has already resulted in thousands of deaths in the journey across the Mediterannean sea.

Ben Page is a Reader in Human Geography and African Studies at University College London. After a brief (and unsuccessful) career as an engineer he undertook a doctorate at the University of Oxford (2000), where he worked for some years before moving to UCL. Since 2005 he has been working in the field of international migration and in particular its relationship to African development. He is the author (with Claire Mercer and Martin Evans) of “Development and the African Diaspora: Place and the politics of home”  published by Zed Press, which provides a detailed comparative account of the work of hometown associations in Cameroon and Tanzania.

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