Benedetta Broggi

Medical undergraduate Benedetta Broggi, a College top student who recently returned to Volta after a year of study in Germany, is not only academically very gifted but also a superb athlete. Benedetta spurred into life the College ‘Cross Country Club’ a couple of years ago and led by example encouraging fellow students to take up cross you country running and displaying tremendous commitment to her training. Benedetta’s latest demonstration of the level that she has achieved was the first Rotary Club Oltrepo’ Half Marathon held on 10th April 2016 in which she  came first in the women’s race. The College wishes to congratulate Benedetta for her sporting achievements and for having pioneered cross country at Volta. The Colelge is also aware that are members of the Cross Country Club, such are Chiara Pizzoni and Luca Teodori, are achievieng strong results and is awaiting for more success stories.




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